Charlotte Longhi

Former MTB Elite rider with an active lifestyle spending her time with the family on the bike.

My name is Charlotte Longhi, and I am a former MTB Elite rider. I am currently training to get back on track after giving birth in February 2022. I used to work for a worldwide bike company when I decided to go all in at mountain biking in 2019. I have been traveling around Europe and have been competing in a lot of international stage races and UCI worlds etc. My favourite stage races are the Alps Epic in the beautiful French Alps and the 4 Stage Mountain bike race Lanzarote. I love the adrenaline kick and the cyclist lifestyle. Nature and outdoor life have always been my personal space. It is here I charge the energy and feel free. I grew up with water sports such as water skiing, wakeboarding, and kitesurfing, but the last 10 years I have given my full attention to cycling.

After giving birth, I couldn’t wait to get back on track, as I felt like a part of me was missing without the cycling in my life. The feeling of racing through the forest on a summer’s day when the leaves are green, or the smell of grass, soil and trees is hanging in the air, makes me feel alive. I cherish the moment when I hear birds chirping in the trees above my head, and I note the little fountain that tickles along the way as a companion on my route through the forest. Nothing better in life to share all this with the people you love. Training and exercise is no boring obligation - it is a wonderful way of living and enjoying all you find valuable and important. The Tout Terrain Singletrailer II has been lifechanging. Thanks to the trailer, it is possible to get my daily energy from exercising together with my little son.


Name Charlotte Longhi
Age 30
Nationality Danish
Bike Singletrailer II Sport 24"
Gadget ---
Tour Alps Epic 2021
Terrain Off-road
Experience MTB XCM Elite
Food Purepower and pasta
On the road with
Singletrailer II Sport 24 Singletrailer II Sport 24"
Designed for sporty use and uncompromising off-road control.

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