Bianca Somavilla

Cyclist who loves to go on a ride with her young sons and the Singletrailer.

For me, mountainbiking and cycling is a very important part of my life. I really enjoy doing competitions, mostly mountainbike or roadbike marathons. I am also a mother of two boys, who are three and one years old. The best training sessions for me are those, where I can take my boys on a ride. Combining sports and family time is my personal highlight and key for a great day. I live close to Innsbruck and therefore I mostly ride my bike in the middle of the Alps around Innsbruck.


Name Bianca Somavilla
Age 35
Nationality Austria
Bike Tout Terrain Singletrailer II
Gadget Garmin Edge 830
Tour Ă–tztale bike marathon
Terrain Road, Gravel, Trails
Experience Road, MTB
Food Bowls
On the road with
Tout Terrain Singletrailer II Tout Terrain Singletrailer II
Single-wheel suspended premium trailer

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