Ana Zamorano Ruiz

Adventurous storyteller, photographer and filmmaker traveling by bike

After crossing deserts, mountains, jungles and glaciers, the desire to continue exploring increases with each pedal stroke. I repeat to myself that I can make it alone, although sometimes accompanied. At the age of 22 years old, in the last town on the border with the R.D of Congo in search of the last mountain gorillas, I met my first bikepacker and, with him, a dream was born. Two years later I quit my job and started crossing The Andes. Then Iran and the Caucasus came. A two years bikepacking trip that was never ended. The Canary Islands, Northern Spain or the Balkans were part of my new way of life trying to find balance in between being a freelancer filmmaker and an outdoors lover.

Bikepacking has changed my life in a good way. I not only have thousands of photographs, great friendships around the World, new documentaries or a charity project but all I can say is hat I have been living the life I always wanted to have!


Name Ana Zamorano Ruiz
Age 29
Nationality spanish
Bike Tout Terrain Vasco GT 27.5 Select 22.3
Gadget CINQ Plug 5 Plus
Tour Bolivia and Armenia in terms of landscape + Iran in terms of locals/humanity
Terrain offroad
Experience Bikepacker without rush
Food Miso soup and rice with vegetables
On the road with

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