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Aheadset Expander 1" - 23mm
Dynamo Aheadset Expander - 23mm
This specific aheadset expander is suitable for mounting the Plug whenever you need to route a cable through your headset into your fork / head tube. The cable channel allows you to simply thread the cable through the fork shaft to the...
€16.90 *
Plug5 Pure and SPP
Power Kit / Plug5 Pure + SPP II
The modular solution for powering and charging devices on the bike and while travelling. With the Plug5 Pure and the Smart Power Pack II, you have maximum flexibility and independence when you travel. In addition to the SMART functions...
€249.00 * €280.50 *
Cinq Plug5 Pure
Plug5 Pure
The Plug5 Pure allows you to easily power up your bike and charge your cell phone or GPS device on the tour. Cool Features Like its sibling the Plug5 Plus, the Plug5 Pure is equipped with our Rotary Door, the twist lock that covers the...
€169.00 *
Bremsadapter Brake Adapter IS-FM Flat Mount
Brake adopter IS2000 zu Flat-Mount +20mm
This brake adapter allows you to use a flat mount brake caliper with a 160mm rotor on IS2000 frames and a flat mount brake caliper with 180mm rotor on IS2000 forks.
€39.90 *
Post-Mount to Flat-Mount brake adapter
Brake Adapter Post-Mount to Flat-Mount +20mm
Lets you use Flat-Mount disc brake caliper with a 160mm rotor on a native 140mm Post-Mount frame, or a Flat-Mount disc brake caliper with 180mm rotor on a native 160mm Post-Mount fork. IMPORTANT: This adapter will not be compatible with...
€39.90 *
Cinq USB C-Micro-B
Cinq USB-C / Micro USB Kabel
Compatible with Plug5 Plus USB-C to Micro-USB Data and Charge compatible Aluminum plug housing Braided outer cable housing Perfect length (25cm) for handlbar mounting
€10.90 *
Cinq USB A-Micro-B
Cinq USB-A to Micro USB cable
Compatible with Plug III and Smart Power Pack USB-A to Micro-USB Data and Charge compatible Aluminum plug housing Braided outer cable housing Perfect length (25cm) for handlbar mounting
€10.90 *
Cinq Shift:R Road Pinion
Shift:R Road for Pinion
We have colaborated with leading brake manufacturer TRP to develop a unique shifting experience for Pinion equipped bikes. The Cinq Shift:R Road for Pinion is the first integrated shifter brake lever system for use with Pinion C-Line...
€739.00 *
Plug5 Plus
Plug5 Plus
The Plug5 Plus is the latest evolution of our fully integrated power supply for your bike. The integrated rechargeable battery makes sure you can also charge your device under difficult charging conditions. Always-On The power module...
€279.00 *
Cinq Shift:R Tour Pinion
Shift:R Tour for Pinion
The Shift:R Tour for Pinion brings trigger shifting to Pinion bikes. Incorporating our second generation of Shift:R technology, this shift system provides an alternative to the standard Pinion twist-shifter. The Shift:R Tour for Pinion...
€419.00 *
Cinq Adventure Fork
Cinq Adventure Fork
The Cinq Adventure fork is designed specifically for the rigors of off-road adventure: bikepacking, off-road expedition touring and bikerafting. The fork is has clearance for 27.5x3" and 29x3" tires and suspension-corrected...
€649.00 *
Cinq Touring Fork
Cinq Touring Fork
The carbon fiber Cinq touring fork is designed to bring cargo mounting reliability and weight savings to traditional touring bikes. The fork has an axle-to-crown lenth of 395 mm and clearance for 50 mm (700c) or 54 mm (650B) wide tires...
€619.00 *
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