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Verbindungskabel Plug II mit PAT II Technology
Connecting cable Plug II with PAT II technology
In particular users of smartphones or battery packs can benefit from the maximized output during touring. The best thing is: the extra power module is hidden inside the steerer tube, no additional external wiring is needed and the PAT...
€24.90 *
Shift-R Road for Rohloff - Side
Shift:R Road for Rohloff
Many tourers love drop bars - and the Rohloff Speedhub. Riding a drop bar with a fully integrated brake-/shift lever and using it with a Rohloff Speedhub hub is what many riders have dreamed of. The revised internals of the Shift:R Box...
€599.00 *
Shift:R Tour
Shift:R Tour for Rohloff
A thumb actuated shifter is what many Rohloff Speedhub riders have been longing for. In the latest generation of the Shift:R Tour we have succeeded in developing a product which, combined with the legendary Rohloff Speedhub, provides the...
€299.00 *
Cinq Expedition Cage Side
Cinq Expedition Cage
The CINQ Expedition Cage can carry almost any 1.5-2 l PET bottle and pack rolls. Made of high quality stainless steel, it can be bent and shaped for greater clamping force depending on the bottle. In contrast to other PET bottle holders,...
€39.00 *
Cinq Touring Fork
Cinq Touring Fork
The Cinq touring fork is designed to bring cargo mounting reliability and weight savings to traditional touring bikes. The fork is has clearance for 50c tires tires and axel to crown lenth of 400mm makes it it suitable for a wide variety...
€590.00 *
Cinq Adventure Fork
Cinq Adventure Fork
The Cinq Adventure fork is designed specifically for the rigors of off-road adventure: bikepacking, off-road expedition touring and bikerafting. The fork is has clearance for 27.5x3" and 29x3" tires and suspension-corrected axel to crown...
€590.00 *
Power Kit Plug III + Smart Power Pack II
Power Kit Plug III + Smart Power Pack II
Besides the SMART Funktionen (LED flashlight, backup bicycle rear light, SOS flash-function) the Smart Power Pack II can be used as buffer battery for the Plug. Your advantages Price advantage of more than 20% compared to single purchase...
€239.00 * €280.50 *
Plug5 Plus with PowerModule
Plug5 plus
The Plug5 Plus is the latest evolution of our fully integrated power supply for your bike. The integrated rechargeable battery makes sure you can also charge your device under difficult charging conditions. Specifications: Compatibility:...
€259.00 *
USB Kabel kurz micro
Short USB Micro cable - 33cm
For your USB micro device, a short (33cm) 2.0-USB cable for use on your bike in combination with The Plug, in the car or to sync the notebook / PC. The Micro-B plug works with USB Micro devices such as smart phones, GPS units, mp3...
€7.50 *
Cinq USB Cable A-C
Cinq USB-A to USB-C Cable 25cm
USB-C to USB-C Data and Charge compatible Braided outer housing Perfect length for handlbar mounting
€14.90 *
Plug III Topcap Cinq vergossen mit Elektronik
Plug III top cap - replacement
If your Plug III is broken or damaged outside of warranty, we offer the Plug III top cap with sealed electronics as spare part.
€115.00 *
Regenüberzug für Mule
Rain Cover for Mule
The rain cover is the perfect accessory to keep your cargo clean and dry. Even if you carry waterproof bags, the rain cover helps prevent water and dirt from building up, and is easier to clean than your luggage. The cover has an elastic...
€39.00 *
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