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Cinq X-Mount
Cinq X-Mount
Used with the Smart Power Pack (SPP), the X-mount allows easy and flexible installation on your handlebar, stem or seatpost. Put it where you need it and minimize the clutter in your cockpit! Flexible, tool-free mounting means you can...
€15.00 *
Cinq Plug III Top Cap
Plug III Top Cap - Replacement
If your Plug III is broken or damaged outside of warranty, we offer the Plug III top cap with sealed electronics as spare part. The PAT II cable is available separately.
€115.00 *
Finn smart phone mount
The Finn mount by Bike Citizens is the universal smart phone mount for your mountain, trekking, commuter, road or touring bike. The Finn allows you to safely and easily mount your smart phone on any handle bar that has the space. The...
€15.00 *
USB Kabel kurz micro
USB-Micro cable
A short (33cm) USB 2.0 cable for your micro-USB device, for use on your bike in combination with The Plug, in the car or to charge or sync your devices. The Micro-B plug works with USB Micro devices such as smart phones, GPS units, mp3...
€7.50 *
Cinq Plug III
Plug III
The Plug III is beautiful in its simplicity, with complete integration of the electronics into the top cap. The internals are fully encapsulated in a polymer and contained in a housing made entirely of aluminum resulting in the best...
€159.00 *
Cinq USB Cable C-C
Cinq USB-C Cable
Compatible with Plug5 Plus USB-C to USB-C Data and Charge compatible Aluminum plug housing Braided outer cable housing Perfect length (25cm) for handlbar mounting
€9.90 *
Cinq USB Cable A-C
Cinq USB-A/C Connector Cable
Compatible with Plug5 Plus USB-A to USB-C Data and Charge compatible Aluminum plug housing Braided outer cable housing Perfect length (25cm) for handlebar mounting
€14.90 *
USB Kabel kurz Mini
USB-Mini cable
XXS-extra-short (20cm) USB 2.0 cable for use on the bike with The Plug, notebook / PC or in connection with a car 12V adapter with USB port: No more fumbling with long cables! Length: 20cm USB A-type to USB-Mini USB 2.0 und USB 1.1...
€6.50 *
USB Kabel kurz Micro & Mini
USB Micro & Mini cable
USB 2.0 Micro-B cable including adapter for charging devices with Mini B or Micro-B USB ports. Can be used with The Plug III, wall adapters or a car chargers and for data sync + charging from a PC or laptop. Adapter converts mini-B plug...
€14.90 *
Lightning Micro Adapter
Adapter from micro-B to Apple Lightning
Small enough to keep in your wallet but oh-so-important. Reduce the number of cables you carry by using the Micro-USB to Lightning adapter to charge and synchronize Apple products on the road. Adapts Micro-USB to Apple Lightning Official...
€19.00 *
Mini-USB Typ B Adapter auf Micro-USB Typ B
Adapter Mini to Micro-USB
Adapts any Mini-USB cable (eg. digital cameras, GPS units) to Micro USB type B (eg. mMobile phones)
€6.90 *
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