[EN] FAQ e-bikes Pinion E-Drive System

Frequently asked questions about our e-bike models Pamir and Appia.

Technology: motor, gearbox and battery

What are the main differences between the Pinion MGU and conventional mid-mounted motors?

Unlike conventional e-bike motors, the gear shifting is already integrated in the Pinion MGU technology. It is proven and permanently reliable Pinion gearbox technology that is electrically controlled with Smart.Shift. Motor.Gearbox.Units are the drive for next-generation e-bikes: fully integrated, clean and virtually wear-free. The motor forces do not have an additional effect on separate gears, which would suffer as a result. In addition, the gears and motor support are perfectly matched and made for each other. With a Pinion MGU, you can ride carefree with minimal maintenance requirements every 10,000 km.

How many assistance levels does my e-bike have?

There are a total of 4 support levels: FLY, FLEX, FLOW and ECO. "ECO" is designed for maximum range, while "FLY" fully utilizes the enormous power of the system at all times. The "FLOW" and "FLEX" levels, on the other hand, are adaptive riding modes that are designed to be progressive and adapt the level of assistance perfectly to every riding situation and the respective terrain. A sensitive start-up aid and an extra boost at the touch of a button complete the package. All modes can be individually adjusted to your preferences in the FIT EBike Control app. You can find more information at pinion.eu/e-drive

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

If possible, the battery should be charged to at least 90% after every ride. The charging time depends on how much charging is required. As a rule, a full charge should not take longer than a maximum of 3 hours. Make sure that you only use the charger supplied by the manufacturer and do not discharge the battery completely. Ideally, it should always have a residual charge of 10%. 

What is the best way to store my battery when it is off the bike?

If the e-bike is not used for a longer period of time, the battery should be removed and stored in a dry place. The ideal storage temperature is around 20 °C. Ideally, the battery should be charged to between 30 % and 90 %. If this is not the case and the battery has less than 30 %, it should be charged before use.

Can I also ride the e-bike when the battery is empty?

Yes, but it is no longer possible to shift gears when the battery is completely empty. The system stops the motor assistance as soon as the battery charge level has reached 5%. This is then only available for the display, lighting and gear changes. In this case, the battery should be recharged as quickly as possible.

What’s the difference between the E1.9 and E1.12 MGUs?

The Motor.Gearbox.Unit E1.12 provides 12 gears and is characterized by uniformly fine-tuned gear jumps and a whopping gear range of 600%. They are the flagship models of the Pinion E-Line and will always provide you with the perfect gear no matter if you’re on the road, in the backcountry or anywhere in between. Rider and E-System thus always work in the optimal speed and cadence range and always be in the sweet spot of efficiency and ergonomics. The 9-speed versions of the MGU provide an amazing entry into the world of Pinion MGU-Technology. The jumps between gears may larger but the gear range of over 560% blows common derailleur setups out of the water, nevertheless.

How far can I drive on one battery charge?

This depends on many factors and cannot be answered in general terms. The selected level of assistance, system weight, temperature and riding style all influence the range. The remaining range is shown on the display depending on the support mode.

Can I increase my range with a range extender?

Yes, a range extender set for your Appia or Pamir is available from your Tout Terrain e-bike dealer. This provides you with 535 Wh of additional battery capacity, which means that ranges of over 250 km can be achieved.

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