[EN] FAQ e-bikes Pinion E-Drive System

Frequently asked questions about our e-bike models Pamir and Appia.

Use: gearshift, cockpit and components

Where can I find the support level on the display?

The assistance level is displayed at the bottom right. The levels are in descending order of efficiency FLY, FLEX, FLOW, ECO, OFF. You can find the right instructions for your display at fit-ebike.com

My e-bike shifts gears by itself when stationary, is that normal?

If this is the case, the Smart.Shift function "Start.Select" or "Pre.Select" is activated. Here you can specify which gear the system automatically shifts to when the bike comes to a standstill to ensure a smooth start. With "Start.Select", the desired starting gear can be specified in the settings; with "Pre.Select", this is determined via the specified cadence.

How do I activate the push assistance?

Pressing the boost button once activates the pushing aid. If the button is pressed continuously, the bike travels at around 3.5 km/h without having to pedal. The speed can be adjusted in 0.5 km/h increments up to a maximum speed of 6 km/h using the two shift buttons on the shift lever.

Can I also change gear while driving?

The system shifts at high cadences with the cranks in a vertical position. The faster the cranks circulate, the earlier the shifting process is completed. Shifting under load can be associated with a popping noise. This is nothing to worry about. The system is designed for shifting under full load and will not be damaged. In certain situations, a shifting process may be aborted due to excessive load (e.g. high pedal load when stationary) in order to protect the system from damage. An attempt is made to change gear for 2 seconds. During this time, you may hear noises from the shift motor. If the load is relieved sufficiently during this phase, the gear change will be successful.

Can I use a different display on my e-bike?

Yes, plug-and-play allows you to connect the FIT displays to each other or use your smartphone as a display in combination with the FIT app. Further information on fit-ebike.com

What are the advantages of the integrated, electric Smart.Shift gearshift?

The gearshift integrated in the Pinion MGU has the advantage that it is designed for the additional loads caused by the motor and is virtually wear-free. Regardless of external influences, the gearshift can neither become misaligned nor wear out significantly. Shifting is possible within fractions of a second. A motor-transmission unit always shifts gears - whether at a standstill or at full speed under high load. Ultimately, motor-gearbox units integrated centrally in e-bikes offer the advantage of balanced mass distribution in the bike and therefore deliver impressive riding characteristics.

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