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Southern France by Paul Slunecko 

I have just arrived in Sète in the south of France after my first big tour with my new Tanami GT. I rode about 800 km in 10 days from La Rochelle to Sète, on a route called the "Canal des 2 mers" connecting the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Most of the time I rode along the Canal de Garonne and Canal du Midi.

What is perhaps of most interest interest to anyone considering a Tout Terrain bike is my experience with the Tanami GT.

The comfort of this travel bike is unsurpassed, I would even say: brilliant. I didn't experience pain at any point along the many kilometers of my journey. It seems ergonomically perfect (with special thanks to the work of Michael at my dealer Extratour in Freiburg). The Tanami GT offers very good control and speed, even with the approximately 14 kg of luggage that I carried with me on my tour. The drivetrain (105 Shimano 2x11) is very well suited to climbing and descending through a wide range of terrain.
Since the route was often sandy, bumpy, or had a gravel surface, the drivetrain was pretty dirty after 10 days of my riding. By the end of the tour things were not working quite as smoothly as they were at the beginning, but this did not affect my tour whatsoever.

If I were to make any changes for next time, I would probably choose a bike with a Pinion or Rohloff drivetrain to avoid any potential complications with the drivetrain. Thanks Tout Terrain's configurator, fortunately, almost anything is possible.



What do you have planned for your next adventure?

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Experienced & written by Stephanie Römer #Adventure
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