atmosfair and more: in 2023 we were CO2-saving on the road again

Our team doesn't just use bicycles to get to and from work. For business trips that cannot be avoided, we offset the greenhouse gases caused via atmosfair. In 2023, we saved more than 108,000 kg of CO₂, which corresponds to 2,638 euros, which we use to support various projects.

Anyone who knows the Tout Terrain team knows that the focus here is on sustainability and environmentally friendly travel. You can find out what exactly on our sustainability page. After all, we also manufacture bicycles designed for expeditions and travel in faraway countries in our factory every day. A successful alternative to buses and cars. We wouldn't want to do without our bikes either, but sometimes parts of our team have to get on a plane to attend business meetings. For example, the quality checks of our frames on site in Taiwan. A guilty conscience doesn't help: We started offsetting our resulting greenhouse emissions early on. Our partner for this: atmosfair. So that there is more love in the air than CO₂.

Reduce CO2 emissions with Tout Terrain

Tout Terrain relies on sustainability and atmosfair

The non-profit organization atmosfair has only one goal: to offset and reduce climate-damaging greenhouse gases. And here we can be sure that every cent goes to the right place. In 2013 and 2018, for example, Stiftung Warentest named atmosfair the winner when comparing several CO₂ compensation providers. And many other studies were enthusiastic. Including us. If you are interested in making your air travel more sustainable, atmosfair is the right place for you too. Give it a try. Since 2019, we have been offering you the opportunity to donate to atmosfair as part of our GO² ATMOSFAIR campaign. We double every euro. Find out more on our sustainability page.


Sustainability with Tout Terrain


Tout Terrain also saves a lot of greenhouse gases in 2023

In 2023, a few more business trips were made at Tout Terrain. As of December 31, 2023, we had saved 108,540 kg of CO₂. This corresponds to a climate protection contribution of 2,628 euros. And this can already make a difference: atmosfair ensures that households in Senegal are supplied with clean solar power, that families in India can cook smoke-free thanks to wood gasification stoves and that the production of CO₂-neutral kerosene is promoted in Emsland. Further details can be found on the certificate awarded to us.


Reduce greenhouse gases


How do you save CO₂? Did you donate to atmosfair when you bought your Tout Terrain bike? We are happy about every euro that we can double!

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