New Pinion-Powered "Xplore" Touring Bikes

When endless adventure awaits, our new Xplore models give you the gears to go further.

(Silkroad Xplore II 26)


Xplore - A Wider Range to Roam

When it comes to two-wheeled travel, the opportunities are endless. Whether familiar backroads or far-off continents, if a good plan, a willing spirit and the right bike are a ticket to adventure, then our new Pinion-equipped Xplore models are your all-access pass.


(Blueridge Xplore)


Ups and downs and a whole lot of baggage

Since our founding, we’ve designed touring bikes to handle all the challenges faced on the open road with bikes ready to take on steep climbs and spine-tingling descents, fully loaded, as well as an ever-changing array of weather and terrain. To continue to provide the most state-of-the-art options for travellers worldwide, we’re introducing our new Pinion-powered Xplore models into our versatile expedition touring bike series.


(Blueridge Xplore GT)


Why Pinion? The answer is in the box!

As part of our tried and trusted Silkroad and Blueridge touring families, the new Tout Terrain Xplore models utilize the internal shifting advantages of the Pinion gearbox system to provide a broader gearing range. Beyond more pedalling possibilities, the internal gearbox design also serves to seal out dust and dirt for a reliable, lower-maintenance ride. And with the gears connected to the cranks, all the power goes directly to the drivetrain where the centre of gravity sits lower for a better-balanced bike.


(Pinion C1.12 with Cinq Shift:R Road)


Adventure Expanded

Just like with our original Silkroad and Blueridge touring bikes, the new Xplore models have adventure-ready features abound, from the high strength-to-weight ratio chromoly steel construction to the integrated stainless steel racks, innovative steerer stop and highly-durable powder coat finish.

The Tout Terrain Xplore range consists of four models with various options to meet the needs of individual cyclists while handling the ups and downs of on-the-saddle adventures, giving every rider an even wider range to roam.


(Silkroad Xplore II 26)


All the latest Expedition features now with a Pinion

  • Optimized Touring Geometry
  • New Expedition Rack II
  • Modular System with Ortlieb Quick-Lock3 Adapters
  • Thru-Axles front and rear
  • Carbon Cinq Touring Fork option
  • System weight up to 180 kg


...and more. Explore frame details at our Silkroad and Blueridge blogs.

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