New Silent E-Drive E-Bikes empower your adventures

Is your E-Bike one of the crowd or one-of-a-kind? Featuring Neodrives, Pinion, and Gates Carbon Drive components

The Silent E-Drive by Tout Terrain

Are you a leader or a follower? Let’s be honest: For a lot of us, cycling is more than just a mode of transportation - it’s passion. Bikes these days stand for lifestyle and environmentally-friendly mobility. We feel great when we can ride quickly, passing by car after car lined up behind traffic lights on our way to work. We don’t have to deal with stressed-out faces and sneaky drivers who try to squeeze into every possible gap just to make up a couple of seconds...precisely the time that they lose once they get stuck looking for a parking spot.


Riding a bike provides independence and freedom, whether you’re cycling in the city or bikepacking on gravel paths. There’s a variety of E-bikes to choose from for those who want to be more comfortable on the bike. But don’t fall prey to the prejudice of E-bikes being for the older generation. These days, younger people are switching to E-bikes for a host of different reasons: Staying dry on the way to the office. Conquoring climbs and headwinds with ease thanks to a noticeable but invisible push. Expand your radius by being able to ride further afield and stay comfortable all the way. Taking the car-free routes to work every day. And perhaps most importantly, a topic that’s very dear to many: Doing something good for the environment. That’s one big reason why E-bikes are exploding in popularity. Even before “Fridays for Future” the German Federal Environmental Agency confirmed that E-bikes are in fact the fastest mode of transportation when travelling under ten kilometers in city traffic - all with an energy costs just 25 cents per 100 kilometers.  E-bikes are environmentally friendly and a lot cheaper than a Diesel car which costs 9,50€ for the same distance. Another good reason to get an E-bike: With 18.6 kilograms per 100 kilometers, E-bikes produce significantly lower CO2 emissions which helps to keep our air clean and help save the environment. It’s no wonder that a lot of cities and communities are starting to create more room for cyclists on the streets. More than ever before, urban car drivers are ready to switch to bikes to circumvent rush hour, or run short errands more effectively. It also gives people the freedom to explore new areas outside of the city. E-bikes start to take up more and more significance in today’s society. They’re here to stay, and to revolutionize the way we get around.


Quality components from Neodrives, Pinion, Gates, and Tout Terrain

Oliver Römer, managing director of Tout Terrain, makes a good point: “Compared to a conventional bike, the most important part of an E-bike is the drivrtrain. These are the components separate the chaff from the wheat.” Tout Terrain makes sure that they keep their motto with E-bikes, as well as with all of their other bikes: “We Put Riders First.” Tout Terrain uses only first-class components for new Silent E-Drive E-bikes. A strong team of four partners produces all the parts for your big next ride: the Neodrives rear motor and battery, and the Pinion drivetrain in the front of the bike, are made in Germany and are built to the highest standards. The frames are developed in the Tout Terrain manufactory and are equipped with a belt drive from market leader Gates. The Silent E-Drive system lives up to its name by being wonderfully quiet on every ride. Oliver Römer knows one thing for sure: “Motor, battery, transmission, frame, and belts are the five components that make a great E-bike.”  The combination of front gearbox and rear motor makes for excellent longevity at the drivetrain, and at the same time, keeps the ride fun. The power from your legs get put through the gearbox, the belt and then to the Neodrives motor, where it is combined with the electric assist. Changing gears is smooth and reliable. The power from the motor has a significant effect on how you can ride: It will change the way you look at cycling.


Quiet power and long battery life from Neodrives

At the heart of each Tout Terrain e-bike is a direct drive Neodrives 250 watt Z20 rear motor. It’s built under strict quality control by the dedicated Neodrives team in Germany, and is not only quiet but produces virtually no vibrations. This new rear motor also uses "Virtual Thermo Technology" - the Z20 stays efficient during climbs without the danger of overheating. The result is a 30 percent increase of efficiency on long climbs, which means that the Neodrives rear motor can easily keep up with mid-mount motors. The Pinion gearbox also helps to reduce vibrations and noise during the ride. Your wallet will be happy, too - the annual maintenance costs are low because there’s very little wear on the drivetrain.

And Neodrives doesn’t leave you on your own in case you need some support: through your Tout Terrain dealer, they provide a 24-hour turn-around on replacement parts, and can provide repairs in five working days. Using the Neodrives system is easy as well - every essential element can be found on the easy-to-read neoMMI 20 C color display.

Focussing on efficiency, the motor's active recouperation mode recharges the battery during descents, and takes some of the braking load of the brakes and rotors. Even the best brakes can use a break once in a while.

With a powerful 500 Wh capacity battery, the Neodrives V5 has a range of up to 120 kilometers.* Longer distances suddenly become more manageable and comfort increases significantly. The battery is not built into the frame, so can be used as "Klick & Go" which means you can simply take it off the bike and charge it with any standard outlet. Klick & Go also provides the option of transporting a second battery in your pack so you can double your range by swapping batteries.

Low maintenance Pinion gearbox

Pinion’s highly innovative team subscribed to a singluar mission: Produce mighty good gearboxes. Developed and
manufactured in Germany, the Pinion gearbox can be found on every Silent E-Drive E-bike. It has it's well-known advantages - it's fun to ride, and extremely low-maintenance. There’s no adjustments required, and no derailleurs to fiddle with. The Pinion gearbox requires only a single oil change per year or after an astounding 10.000 kilometers. It is even covered by a 5-year warranty. Fine-tuned and evenly spaced gears are also offer a very wide gear range. You are free to choose between Pinion's twist shifter, or take advantage of the Cinq Shift:R for trigger-style shifting. While pedaling, your muscle power becomes one with the Neodrives rear motor assist quickly pushes you up to 25km/h. Pinion has repeatedly demonstrated the advantages of the compeltely sealed gearbox, with snow, rain, mud, and sand being kept far away from sensitive drivetrain components. Pinion’s technology is just the right solution for your E-bike.


Oil-free Gates Carbon Drive belt

Everyone who has ridden with a belt drive get it: no oily chain, no worn casettes, and no extra noise. Everything is designed to make your time on and off the bike easier. Tout Terrain's E-bikes use belts that are produced by the world's leading carbon belt manufacturer: Gates. For commuters and those who ride on cool days, it's a huge advantage not to worry about about getting oil on your pant legs. But not only can you leave the laundry for another day, you don’t have to clean your drivetrain as often either. And there are better things you can spend your money on than replacement drivetrain components. Gates Carbon Drive belts last up to three times longer than classic cain driven drivetrains.3

Durable steel frames from Tout Terrain

The Tout Terrain team is responsible for assembling and fine-tuning all of the E-bike components. The centrepiece from the German manufacturer is a specially designed frame, made out of high-quality Stratocrom steel which is skillfully produced in Taiwan.
The frame is specifically designed for use with the Pinion gearbox and features a the elegant TBA Pinion mount, which allows easy tensioning of the belt. After arriving in Germany, fames are painted with the three layer T-Coat powder coating process. Choose one of the standard Tout Terrain colors or one a pallette of RAL-colors. Make your E-bike yours. The Tout Terrain frame is built to last - if you ever decide that you no longer need the push of the E-bike components, you can to remove the components and turn the E-bike into an "analog" non-E-bike bike by swapping out the rear wheel.


Pre-configured or custom made E-Bikes

Tout Terrain has provided the option to choose from several pre-defined E-bikes, the so-called "Select" models, which give you an excellent price-performance ratio and can be delivered quickly. Just like with the fully custom bikes, all components have been carefully assembled and adjusted by Tout Terrain bike enthusiasts. If you prefer a fully custom-made E-bike, you can use the Tout Terrain Configurator to design your own. Select a frame size, color, lighting, tire width, headset, saddle, and even a bell - there are tons of options to choose from. Ultimately, there’s only one thing that really counts when it comes down to choosing your next E-bike: Have fun choosing it, and have even more fun riding it!

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