Offroad fun with the sporty child carrier - testing the Singletrailer II Sport

Our Adventure Team member Bianca Somavilla, ambitious cyclist and mother of two sons has been on the road with the Tout Terrain Singletrailer for over a year. She shares her experiences and reports in detail about her personal highlights during the trips with the whole family.

The Singletrailer II Sport is a single-track bicycle trailer designed specifically for off-road use in combination with a bicycle or e-bike. "For that, it's the best trailer you can imagine and ideal for families who love cycling," says Bianca, revealing her typical use cases with the Singletrailer:

  1. She loves riding her enduro mountain bike with 29 inch wheels uphill gravel trails and downhill nice flowy single trails. To have her son with her on her adventures, she uses the Singletrailer, because that's exactly what it was designed for.

  2. As a mountain biker, she trains according to a structured training plan. She also uses the Singletrailer specifically for this and takes her child with her on tour. Thanks to the trailer's light weight of 9.5 kilos, she can ride all the gravel roads in her region uphill without an e-bike and at the same time has some extra weight for the desired training effect.

  3. The single trailer also accompanies her on family tours. As a family of four, the five-year-old son already rides his own mountain bike independently, while the two-year-old has fun in the Singletrailer.

But what distinguishes the Singletrailer from other trailers?

Safety and driving fun off-road

The Singletrailer II Sport is designed for off-road use and scores with its 24" wheel and adjustable suspension especially on gravel, forest paths and even rough trails. "Thanks to its robust construction and high-quality materials, it is extremely stable and allows safe and enjoyable riding for me with the mountain bike and trailer, as well as for the child in the single trailer, even on rough terrain. I always feel very comfortable, especially downhill, whether on the gravel road or on the trail," says Bianca.

The trailer was developed with a special focus on protecting the child. This is particularly noticeable in the design as well as the 5-point harness system. There is also a special pillow from Isuro for the interior as an accessory, which gives the child additional protection and at the same time provides comfort when he or she falls asleep. "This pillow is very useful because otherwise the sleeping child's head will rest in the window of the single trailer," says Bianca.

One particularly important aspect of the Singletrailer, especially compared to other bike trailers, is the fact that it only has one wheel. This provides additional safety, as the Singletrailer cannot tip over while driving. In addition, it behaves optimally in curves and is extremely maneuverable. Basically, you can use the Singletrailer from the age of a few months in combination with a baby seat.


"I have been using the Singletrailer since my son was one year old. He loves our trips together and is usually in a good mood and full of joy. After a while, he often falls asleep and enjoys the time in his little protected space, no matter how long we are on the road. Of course, on longer trips, we plan regular play breaks and time to rest," the proud mom tells us.

Easy installation and practical accessories

The initial installation of the single trailer required some time until everything worked smoothly. However, the instructions describe all the steps in detail and in a way that is easy to understand. I always attach the trailer to my bike right at the beginning of our ride, often even together with my little son, who has since helped with the assembly and disassembly. The more often you attach the Singletrailer to the bike and take it off again, the more experienced you become at it. The basic principle is very simple and intuitive," says Bianca and concludes with a tip for installation.

The Singletrailer is attached to the bike's seat post with a hitch. "I usually use a carbon seatpost. For rides with the Singletrailer, I swap it out for an aluminum seatpost to preserve the carbon. The pre-installed clutch on the aluminum seatpost makes the swap quick and easy," says Bianca.

The suspension travel of the shock on the Singletrailer can be adjusted and can vary between 180 and 220 millimeters, so Bianca uses it again and again on asphalt bike paths. At higher speeds above 20 km/h, however, it starts to rock slightly and it becomes noticeable that the ideal area of use for the trailer is not the road, but off-road routes. For the road, there is the Singletrailer II Touring version.

The trailer can be equipped with a small bag, which can be used for additional equipment and clothing. In addition, lightweight items can also be transported with an expander on the roof of the Singletrailer. "This is perfect for family outings, though I would not recommend it as much for intense training or fast descents," says Bianca. There are also other useful accessories such as a rain cover and sun canopy.

Lightweight and robust CrMo steel frame

Due to its robust construction, the Singletrailer weighs 9.5 kilograms. Compared to other bike trailers, this is light. Added to this is the weight of the child and any equipment and items carried. From this, depending on your own physical fitness and the terrain, the consideration of which bike to ride. While many combine the single trailer with an e-bike, Bianca uses it completely without motor assistance - both with her enduro bike and with a lighter hardtail mountainbike.

When taking the single trailer, the required space must be taken into account. Although the drawbar and the wheel swing can be folded quickly and easily, the trailer still takes up its space in the vehicle. "Nevertheless, we have the Singletrailer with us not only on day trips, but also on vacation. In doing so, we used the storage space of our Seat Alhambra and transported the bikes on a bike rack on the car," Bianca reveals to us.

"Although we have two sons and the single trailer only has room for one child, the question of a model for two children has not been an issue for us. The older of the two already explores short routes with his own mountain bike. We often adapt our routes to his ability and plan family tours with easier trails. Meanwhile, the younger one rides in the single trailer and really enjoys it there."


"Overall, the time we spend together mountain biking, whether it's training, on the single trails, or during family outings, is extremely valuable and meaningful to me. I couldn't imagine the whole thing without the Singletrailer," says the mother of two sons.

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