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A high-quality bike frame is essential for a first-class e-bike experience. Choosing the right frame is crucial, as it lays the base for comfort, safety and riding performance. When developing our new e-bike series, we therefore not only paid attention to features, modularity and design, but also had the goal to bring the production of the frames to Europe. The first model based on the new platform is called PAMIR. It embodies our touring bike DNA like no other.

The choice of material: elegance combined with lightweight and ride comfort

Aluminum frames offer an ultimate balance of weight, durability and manufacturability of e-bikes. We use AL6061 aluminum alloy, which contains magnesium and silicon as the main alloying elements. This combination gives it a high strength, which allows to produce robust and durable frames that are at the same time light, which leads to improved maneuverability and efficiency of the bike.

The implementation of the design comes mainly from two methods. Mechanical deformation and hydroforming, two common techniques used in the manufacture of aluminum bicycle frames.

Mechanical deformation

A traditional process in which the AL6061 workpiece set is formed into the desired shape by applying pressure and tension. This method requires specialized machinery and experienced production workers to achieve the proper curvature and shape. Although mechanical forming is reliable and can be sufficient for simple bicycle frames, it has its limitations when producing more complex designs.


Unlike mechanical forming, the hydroforming process uses liquid pressure to press the AL6061 tubing into a specially shaped die. Through the use of water or another fluid medium, the tube set is precisely and uniformly formed into the desired shape. Hydroforming enables the production of complex geometries and thin-walled tubes, resulting in lightweight yet strong bicycle frames. It also minimizes material waste by using aluminum more efficiently.

After all the parts have been shaped and welded together to form a frame, it is subjected to an elaborate, multi-stage T6 heat treatment to achieve optimum rigidity and stability. By the way, whether mechanical forming or hydroforming is used, it is important to emphasize that the quality of workmanship and the experience of the manufacturer are critical. A high-quality AL6061 frame can significantly improve the bike's riding performance and ensure a long service life, which is why we rely here on a manufacturer in the EU that can closely monitor every step due to its high vertical integration in the manufacturing process.


Function, versatility and modularity

Our bikes offer a unique combination of robustness, versatility, adaptability, comfort and sustainability. These outstanding features make them a premium choice for cyclists looking for areliable, high-quality bike for their adventures and everyday use. That's why we pay special attention to our unique features when developing our frames and incorporate our touring bike expertise into the product.

The geometry: combines comfort and agility in equal measure

First and foremost, the geometry is strongly oriented towards that of a touring bike, i.e. overall the bike is not too high / too long and is also perfectly suitable for small or medium-sized people with a wheel size of 29". The steering head angle is not too flat, so the handling remains comparatively agile. A sloping top tube is great for getting on and off the bike even with cargo.  


Pure expedition: integrated luggage rack for heavy loads

The robust Expedition Rack is attached  to the frame by  unique threaded bushings anchored in the seat stay. These withstand high (tensile) loads and allow high payloads when transporting luggage of up to 40kg. Those bushings can be used at the same time for the mounting of a frame lock.


The core: the connection between drive and frame

Our in-house engineered  mount for the Motor.Gearbox.Unit from Pinion (MGU), the so-called motor bracket is equipped with a three-part bash guard. The aluminum plate (1) provides protection and stability, at the same time all cable connections or the oil change of the engine can be easily reached by removing the right (2) cover. This allows maintenance or repair to be carried out quickly and inexpensively.


Small but mighty: safety and stability even when stationary.

The Ergo-Stop steering stop is an intelligent design element developed to optimize safety and comfort by limiting unwanted steering movements. It protects the handlebars, brake lines and shift cables from damage that could be caused by excessive steering. This helps to avoid unnecessary repair costs. Practical in everyday life and when traveling: The Ergo-Stop steering stop prevents the bike from tipping over when placed on the stand, even when fully loaded. Compatibility with common standard headset ensures that in case of wear repair of the headset, the function of the Ergo-Stop remains intact also in the future.



Clever: Simple adjustment options and easy-to-replace wear parts on the drive unit

The belt tension is adjusted via our specially designed sliders at the dropout. These are realized with replaceable standard parts, i.e. should a thread break, it is easy to replace without expensive special parts or even frame replacement.


Higher, faster, further: The plus in loading capacity.

Compatibility with a range extender by means of attachment to two superimposed bottle cage eyelets on the down tube. This option increases the range again and gives the bike an additional 535Wh charging capacity.


No wishes left unfulfilled: Configurable color selection and long-lasting protection

Painting in our own powder plant enables an individual color scheme via our online configurator. Each frame gets a particularly tough and durable "T-Coat" powder coating, which offers the best protection. With our six Tout Terrain collection colors and the additional RAL colors, there is a total of over 50 different colors to choose from.



Internal cable routing: safety, protection and aesthetics

Internal cable routing protects delicate cable connections from the effects of various weather conditions. With external cable routing, the cables on e-bikes are exposed and can be damaged by rain, snow or extreme heat. Internal routing prevents moisture, dirt or pollutants from entering the cables and thus impairing the functionality of the gearshift or brakes. In addition, there is another positive side effect, namely the more beautiful aesthetics of the bike. In the cockpit, the integration of the cables was deliberately omitted to ensure modularity and easy maintainability of headset, stem, etc.


Reliable and powerful drivetrain power

The so-called "snubber" is a small pulley with positive locking at the dropout, which prevents the belt from skipping even at high torques. This allows the full power of the engine to be utilized without restriction and the belt remains securely in place.


The Pamir is available at the start of production as a limited launch edition Pamir One, as a pre-configured model Pamir Select 4.1 or as a custom model in the online configurator (from September).

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