The New Scrambler: Epic gravel adventures without boundaries

The Scrambler Xplore GT II 275 and Scrambler Xplore GT II 28 are versatile gravel bikes built with bikepacking DNA


Gravel adventures without boundaries

From a spontaneous spin after work to gravel adventures lasting weeks on end, gravel bikes open up a world of exploration. With the Scrambler Xplore GT II 275 and the Scrambler Xplore GT II 28, we introduce two performance off-road bikes that are perfectly designed for venturing further afield—a weekend overnighter or an extended journey. By combining the classic look of a mono-stay steel frame with a state-of-the-art bikepacking setup, we have laid the foundation for unforgettable cycling adventures.



Building gravel bikes with bikepacking DNA

Both new Scrambler models feature extra-comfortable geometry and wide tires (650B x 47mm and 700C x 40mm respectively) with clearance for up 650B x 54mm and 700C x 50mm. There are numerous mounting options for bikepacking bags, racks and fenders. And that's not all: to give you more storage space on longer rides we have adapted the Scrambler’s geometry to the specific demands of bikepacking and touring. The frame’s main triangle has been enlarged to maximise space for bikepacking bags and the chainstays have been lengthened to increase stability while making it easier to carry panniers—so that you can ride confidently, fully loaded, over gravel and tough terrain.



Smooth-shifting with a Pinion Gearbox

Our designers have also shifted their attention to the transmission—an area of particular importance when it comes to bikepacking far from civilization with the nearest bike shop sometimes days away. That’s why our new Scrambler models use exclusively the robust Pinion gearbox to guarantee reliable shifting under even the most adverse conditions. The same applies to the Cinq Shift:R Road shifter-brake levers, which noticeably increase both shifting ergonomics and performance on drop-bar bikes.




Customized to your needs

Typical of Tout Terrain, the new Scrambler models have numerous customisation options to choose from. Whether selecting the 27.5-inch wheel or the 28-inch wheel Scrambler model, both bikes give you the freedom to customize your bike to your individual terrain and riding style. As always, all bikes are carefully painted and assembled by hand here by us here in Gundelfingen, near Freiburg.

The Scrambler Xplore GT II 275 and the Scrambler Xplore GT II 28 can be ordered immediately directly or through your local Tout Terrain dealer with deliveries starting in early 2021.




Swipe through the gallery below for a to see our riders on a true "Scrambler" adventure

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Preview: 02-2020_Tout-Terrain_Pfalz_Scrambler-9720
Preview: 03-2020_Tout-Terrain_Pfalz_Scrambler-9794
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Preview: 06-2020_Tout-Terrain_Pfalz_Scrambler-9446
Preview: 07-2020_Tout-Terrain_Pfalz_Scrambler-0316-crop
Preview: 08-2020_Tout-Terrain_Pfalz_Scrambler-0731
Preview: 10-2020_Tout-Terrain_Pfalz_Scrambler-0796
Preview: 11-2020_Tout-Terrain_Pfalz_Scrambler-0544
Preview: 12-2020_Tout-Terrain_Pfalz_Scrambler-9995
Preview: 13-2020_Tout-Terrain_Pfalz_Scrambler-9807
Preview: 14-2020_Tout-Terrain_Pfalz_Scrambler-9939
Preview: 15-2020_Tout-Terrain_Pfalz_Scrambler-9812
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