The New Vasco: Performance Gravel on Any Terrain

The Vasco GT 275 and Vasco GT 28 are performance gravel bikes driven by versatility.


Tout Terrain Vasco - Performance gravel on any terrain

From asphalt to gravel and trails of all types, gravel bikes are all-rounders that can handle any surface. With the new Vasco family, we're introducing two new performance gravel bikes that push the all-road capabilities of the gravel category further than ever before. Whether it's a spontaneous asphalt adventure after work or an extended bikepacking tour over several days off the beaten track, with the Vasco GT 275 and Vasco GT 28 you’ll feel comfortably at home on any ride.



Gravel bikes for any terrain

Quick, yet comfortable, with subtle style and unmatched adaptability, these all-terrain racers are true quick-change artists. The foundation of this versatility is the pure, steel frame, which our engineers have combined with a performance-oriented all-road setup. In addition to two different wheel and tire sizes (27.5" and 650b x 47mm or 28" and 700c x 40mm) the new Vasco gravel bikes offer you the choice of either a carbon or steel fork. A high-end derailleur ensures precise and easy gear changes, even on bumpy roads. And thanks to their sporty, yet comfortable geometry, these bikes guarantee enjoyable riding on challenging trails.



Versatile and great for bikepacking

This performance also applies to grander adventures. The new Vasco bikes are not only ideal for single-day gravel outings, they can also help you master multi-day explorations with ease. Numerous mounting options for bags, luggage racks and other accessories enable bikepacking tours without limits, regardless of whether you are on or off paved roads. In short, we've created the ideal gravel bikes for every purpose—perfect for performance gravel on any terrain.



Two models, numerous options

To start, the new Vasco is only available in fixed models through our dealer network. We offer you several component options to choose from on both the 27.5-inch and 28-inch wheel versions. And as always, all bikes are hand-painted and assembled with care in Gundelfingen near Freiburg, Germany.The Vasco GT 275 and Vasco GT 28 can be ordered immediately through Tout Terrain dealers with the first bikes hitting shop floors in early 2021.

Vasco GT 275 (Select 21.3):Vasco-GT-275-213-Side

Vasco GT 28 (Select 21.2):




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