Tout Terrain Adventure Team: Stories on Two Wheels

Redefining our expectations of adventures by bike

Leaving your Comfort Zone

 We as cyclists are often all too eager to place each other into categories. Mountain bikers and roadies, cruisers and commuters, gravel grinders or e-bike riders…we all roll on two wheels but our communities are so often divided and either go no further than the small groups in which we find ourselves, or worse go completely untold. Our goal in putting together the Adventure Team is to step outside our comfort zone and learn just how diverse term “Adventure” can be. When you tear down the walls and remove the labels, the preconceptions and assumptions that we all have about what it means to be a cyclist, you are left with the beauty, hardship, and raw emotion that go hand in hand with being human.


Cycling Adventures Come in All Shapes and Sizes

For some, the perfect adventure might involve day after day of adversity, bikerafting through the expanse of Siberian wilderness. For some, a weekend micro-adventure spending quality time riding with your children and loved ones is the adventure of choice. Or maybe your adventure is built on the sum of great moments you experience every day – drawing artistic inspiration while weekend cruising through rural pastures, or the rush of catching a string of green lights on your commute to work. Tout Terrain has built our Adventure Team to support riders and storytellers on their journeys, however big or small.




The Future of the Adventure Team

In our first season running the Adventure Team pilot, we were blown away by the comradery, generosity, bravery, love, and creativity expressed by our team members. We truly felt like we were part of their journeys, experiencing the highs and the lows alongside the riders. Building on this experience, we aim to share this experience, grow our team spirit, and connect a community of riders around the globe through social networking and equipment sponsorship on behalf of Tout Terrain and our partner brands.
In the coming months and years as our Adventure Team grows and matures we look forward to being challenged – to unlearn our existing concept of two-wheeled adventures by supporting and sharing your experiences and your stories. So if you are a rider, a storyteller, and a two-wheel adventurer (however you define it) we invite you to apply to become a member of our Adventure Team.



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Experienced & written by Damian Bradley #Adventure