Triple-Take: 3 New Shift:R Road for Pinion Equipped Bikes

Tout Terrain's new touring, gravel, and urban bikes equipped with Cinq Shift:R Road for Pinion for road-style drop handlebars.

The result of our cooperation with the leading brake manufacturer TRP is a unique, ergonomic shift solution for Pinion equipped bikes. Integrated with the hydraulic TRP disc brake, the bikes are delivered with the Shift:R Road for Pinion and road (drop-bar) handlebar. For the first time it is possible to combine a drop-bar cockpit with integrated shifter-brake levers on bikes with a Pinion transmission.




The system incorporates Cinq’s second generation Shift:R technology. Developed specifically for the Pinion C-Line gearboxes, the Shift:R Road for Pinion opens up a whole new world of performance Pinion equipped drop-bar bikes. Gravel bikes with Pinion transmission are now a reality.


Last weekend at the VELO Berlin, we presented the first three models, The City Xpress GT, Scrambler Xplore GT and 5th Avenue Xplore GT to the public for the first time. All three models can be configured from the trade fair onwards and can be ordered from dealers. Availability is limited by to stock of the Shift:R Road pre-series units - Series component production has started and will be delivered in the 4th quarter.

Preview: 0317140101_Scrambler-Xplore-GT-Side-gravel-bikepacking-bikelg8RbuHHez1QW
Preview: 0313140101_The-City-Xpress-GT-Side-pinion-urban-bikeT4u11432eAgp5
Preview: 0301140101_5th-Avenue-Xplore-GT-Side-pinion-touringXFACVuyS86Bhl
Preview: ShiftR-Box-Closeup
Experienced & written by Stephanie Römer #Product news