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Singletrailer 29er Deichsel
29" drawbar kit for Singletrailer
29" drawbar kit for singletrailer including cross-link coupler. The curved drawbar design makes the singletrailer compatible with 27.5"+ and 29" bicycles. The drawbar kit can be retrofitted to all singletrailers. The cross...
€349.00 *
Thule Baby Supporter
Thule Baby Supporter
Padded sides and head support to ensure your baby sits comfortably upright. As a follow-up solution for the Weber Baby Supporter, the Thule supporter stabilises the posture of small children who can already sit upright but whose back...
€75.00 *
Innentasche Mule
Mule Liner
The Mule Liner was made especially for the Mule cargo trailer to increase carago flexibility. It allows you to carry smaller items and pack with more flexibility. It is constructed of tear-resistant Cordura material, and is fastened with...
€59.00 *
Sicherungssplint Schnellverschluss
Safety Pin Quick Release
When you are on a tour, or if you chage trailers and bikes often, time can be of the essence. The quick-release ball-lock cotter pin upgrade for the Cross-Link trailer coupler lets you quickly and easily attach and detach your trailer...
€21.90 *
Regenüberzug für Mule
Rain Cover for Mule
The rain cover is the perfect accessory to keep your cargo clean and dry. Even if you carry waterproof bags, the rain cover helps prevent water and dirt from building up, and is easier to clean than your luggage. The cover has an elastic...
€40.00 *
Mule Ständer
Mule kick stand
The Mule stand is an incredibly practical feature as it allows the trailer to be free-standing and stable, but also does the same for your bike while it is attached. This allows easy loading and unloading of the trailer, at home or on...
€60.00 *
Axle Cover Angänger Achsabdeckung
Trailer Axle Cover
Replacement axle cover for Singletrailer and Mule trailer wheels. Accidents happen! If you have lost your axle cover, we have you covered. This is an important component as it keeps water and debris away from your wheel bearings and axle...
€2.50 *
iSURO Kinderkissen
iSURO pillow for children
iSURO - the pillow for the Singletrailer & for on the go! Together with iSURO, we have developed a pillow that fits perfectly into the Singletrailer and lets your child sleep even better. It forms to your child and stabilizes the their...
From €65.00 *
Trailer wheel axle
Replacement axle for Singletrailer and Mule. The axle cover is available separately.
€19.90 *
Spare wheel Singletrailer
Road and Gravel wheel for Singletrailer
The spare wheel is designed to decrease rolling resistance for use on road and gravel surfaces. We hand-build each wheel with a strong, black-anodized rim, our sealed-bearing Black Label hub, and Sapim spokes. Swapping wheels is easy and...
€89.00 *
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