The Blueridge is the fastest of our expedition models, with nimble 700C / 28" wheels and tires that take the sting out of climbs and make descents a lot more fun. Designed for paved roads and long days in the saddle, this performance tourer will help you go the distance across the countryside, or the entire country.

The crossroads of performance and efficiency

Integrated Tout Terrain Expedition Rack II for exceptional cargo carrying capacity and flexibility
28" wheelset for speed and efficiency over long distances
GT (drop-bar) with Cinq Shift:R Road for Pinion or Rohloff for the ultimate in shfting and ergonomics
Updated touring-specific geometry makes the bike stable, yet agile while loaded up to 180 kg

Blueridge Models

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Blueridge Xplore GT Side
Blueridge Xplore GT
Road tours can be long, but they don’t have to be slow with the Blueridge Xplore GT. As the drop-bar version of our fastest road touring bike, the Blueridge Xplore GT gets the added upgrade of a Pinion-powered transmission for smooth,...
From €4,890.00*
Blueridge GT Side
Blueridge GT
The Drop-bar version of our performance asphalt tourer, the Blueridge GT provides an expanded variety of hand positions and improved aerodynamics, making our fastest touring bike even faster. The touring-specific geometry of the...
From €3,730.00*