This expedition bike is our DNA - Honored with numerous awards, our Silkroad has been circling the globe since 2005. This modern steel wonder has a host of innovative touring features, a classic look, and premium components to help you escape civilization.

The globetrotter's choice

Integrated Tout Terrain Expedition Rack II for exceptional cargo carrying capacity and flexibility
27.5" wheels for stability, comfort and strength
Pinion, Rohloff, and Derailleur drivetrain options to suit any adventure
Updated touring-specific geometry makes the bike stable, yet agile while loaded up to 180 kg

The Silkroad Models

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Silkroad Xplore II 275 Side
Silkroad Xplore II 275
Born with a spirit for adventure, the Silkroad II Xplore 275 is ready to roam. As the Pinion-equipped version of our expedition touring bike, the Silkroad Xplore 275 broadens your horizons with a wider gear range, 180 kg capacity, and...
From €4,490.00*
Silkroad II 275 Side
Silkroad II 275
For more than 15 years, our Silkroad touring bikes have been circling the globe, covering countless kilometers and making millions of memories along the way. Trust in the travel-tested performance of the Silkroad II 275. As the...
From €3,490.00*