Chiyoda 275


  • Wingee integrated rack and fender system for style and functionality
  • Shimano gear hub option for all-weather performance
  • Derailleur drivetrain option for precise and light shift action
  • 27,5" wheelset balances comfort, grip and acceleration
  • Gates Carbon Drive belt-compatible frame for a strong, clean and reliable drivetrain
  • A variety of flat bar options for control and comfort

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The all-road urban bike

Take a shortcut home through the park or tackle cobbles and tram tracks with ease on the Chiyoda. Designed to outsmart the obstacles of urban environments, the Chiyoda balances city style with a spirit of adventure thanks to 27.5” wheels, wide tire clearance and a responsive steel frame. The Chiyoda comes with your choice of either a Shimano gearhub with Carbon Gates Belt or smooth derailleur drivetrain, as well as an innovative Wingee rack and fender combo. Lighting and accessory options and custom frame colors mean you can make your Chiyoda match your surroundings—Tout Terrain attention to detail promises the ultimate urban ride.
Frame Size M, L, XL
Activity Commuting, Fitness/Recreation
Terrain Allroad
Capacity (Total / Rack) 130 kg / 16 kg
Weight from 12 kg
Frame Tire Clearance 27.5" x 2.0" (50 mm) with mudguard, 700C x 35mm with mudguard


High-quality materials. Innovative design. Passionate craftsmanship. Through carefully selected components we create a bicycle like no other.

Frame Tubeset

Frame Tubeset

Stratocrom Tubeset

We have carefully designed our Stratocrom tube sets together with our production partners. We use high-quality CrMo 4130 (chrome molybdenum) steel with specific wall thickness and butting depending its placement in the frame. Load-optimized tubes are individually selected for each model so we can achieve a balance between weight and durability.

Shifting System

Shifting System

Shimano Internal Geared Hub

The Shimano Alfine hub family is built for reliability and year-round usability. These advantages become apparent with urban and trekking bikes. Depending on the area of use and the nature of the terrain, we recommend the 8-speed version for urban riding and the 11-speed for short tours. With gear ratio range of 307% and 409% respectively, they are extremely well suited to their application. Of course, we combine the Alfine hubs with the clean and reliable Gates Carbon Drive belt to keep bike maintenance as low as possible.


The classic derailleur system provides fast, precise shifting and is the lightest of all our shifting options. Modern derailleur systems offer virtually perfect shifting and sufficient gear range for a variety cycling disciplines, from the minimalistic urban bike with 1x11 gearing to the expedition touring bicycle with a 3x10 gear setup. With our GT models, we use Shimano 2x11 shifters and derailleurs with an ultra-compact crankset gear ratio to ensure you don't run out of breath in the mountains. The derailleur system remains the system of choice for lightweight and sporty riding.

Belt/Chain Tensioning System

Belt/Chain Tensioning System

VBA (Eccentric Bottom Bracket)

Our unique VBA system has been registered for patent and simplifies both the adjustment of the tension of a chain or belt as well as its beltline. The eccentric bottom bracket allows the chain or belt tension to be easily adjusted by turning with a common 5 mm Allen key. The belt line is adjusted by axially shifting the eccentric bottom bracket; the markings on the exterior serve to aid in determining the position. The weight of the VBA eccentric bottom bracket is minimized through a machined bottom bracket insert.

Steering stop

Steering stop

Ergo-Stop Steerer Stop

The Ergo-Stop is a small detail that makes a big difference. Many of us have experienced the moment - whether in a moment of distraction or with a heavy front load - when the handlebars turn suddenly and contact the bike, damaging wires, cables or even the frame. The Ergo-Stop consists of two elements – a stop integrated into the frame and a stopper mounted on the fork steerer tube. With the Ergo-Stop steering stop, handlebars can only be turned approximately 90° in each direction. This limit prevents cables from being torn off, your light system from being damaged, or your top tube being dented by the handlebars.

Ergo-Stop Plus Steerer Lock

The Ergo-Stop is an upgrade to our Ergo-Stop design. It features the same steerer stop function to prevent damage to cables, wires or the bike frame. With the Ergo-Stop Plus, we have also included a parking lock to hold the handlebar in position even if the bike is loaded, preventing it from tipping. Especially for bicycles with low riders, front rack or handlebar bag, this is very practical.

Wheel Size

Wheel Size

27.5" Wheels

The 27.5" (or 650B) wheel size is a great addition to the world of wheel sizes. It allows for extreme versatility and offers an ideal balance between on-road and off-road use. Situated between the classic 26" and 28" (700C) wheel sizes, 27.5" tires are a compromise – in a positive sense. On the plus side, they offer better rolling characteristics and more elegant looks compared to a 26" setup, and more comfort than narrower 28" (700C) tires. These tires also have a significantly lower rotating mass than modern, large-volume 29" tires and thus offer a more lively, more agile riding experience. For us, the 27.5" tires are used in sporty all-road models and in the off-road sector.



Fender-integrated Rack

The Wingee System combines fender, rack and lighting in a single assembly. By integrating rack functionality, the Wingee has a stylish appearance yet is also very functional for transporting panniers. The minimalist rack keeps the weight and centre of gravity low. The powder-coated aluminum fenders can withstand the toughest everyday conditions and serve as supporting element for the rack with their twinwall design – and do so almost invisibly. Conversely, the Supernova taillight is anything but invisible for the traffic behind you. It is elegantly integrated in the fender, contributing to your visibility and safety. The maximum load capacity of the Wingee is 16 kg.

00865C0A-C525-4965-90F3-543715DA62ED Created with sketchtool.



Every frame is painted in-house with our robust and high-quality T-Coat powder coating process. This ensures a beautiful and durable finish even under the toughest conditions. The T-Coat consists consist of one, two three layers depending on the component - this allows us to optimise the surface, weight and corrosion characeristics for each use case.

Drivetrain Type

Drivetrain Type

Belt Compatible

Free yourself from oily, rusty chains and join the Gates Carbon Drive revolution: Clean, quiet, rugged. Almost no other component has advanced the bicycle as a mode of low-maintenance transport as much as the Gates Carbon Drive belt. Particularly when used year-round, you'll be pleased with its low maintenance as periodic cleaning is all that's required. Belts even last two to three times longer than a chain. Tout Terrain was one of the first manufacuters to offer bicycles with belt drives, and with more than 10 years of experience we have optimized our frames for this purpose. Unlike a chain which can ""unlink"" to fit onto a bike, a belt is seamless, so the frame must "open" to allow it to fit onto the drivetrain. Our belt-specific dropout design is an integral part of the frame and very discrete. The connection is made of stainless steel and will provide a lifetime of reliability.



3in1 Dropout

The innovative 3-in-1 dropout allows you to use a number of drive systems. With the "sandwich" design, you can convert from a derailleur system to hub shifting – and vice versa. The modular dropout is simply inserted into the frame. You can also convert an existing bicycle from chain drive to belt drive. The 3-in-1 dropout offers you maximum flexibility with regard to the drivetrain while maintaining a clean look and clever integration into in the frame.


More detailed information can be downloaded here.

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Aside from the right set of components, the correct frame size is crucial in order to feel comfortable on your Tout Terrain bike. The best way to be sure is to go on an extented test ride at one of our dealers. Let your dealer help you to adjust your bike to fit your needs.



Our friendly, knowledgeable dealers are there to take care of you before, during, and after your purchase. Get helpful advice from one of our specialists in your area.

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Every Chiyoda is important to us, and we want to make sure you have the best customer experience possible. Use can use our dealer locator to find the dealer closest to you, or in some cases order from us directly.


Your local dealer is experienced and trained to provide you with support before, during and after your purchase. When ordered through your dealer, the bike or component will be delivered to them for pickup and final on-site consultation.



Configure your bike for your terrain, your riding style and your next bid adventure. Dream it. Build it. Ride it. Let our configurator guide you, and when you're happy with your bike, we make your dream a reality, building your bike here in our manufactory.

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Choose a pre-configured Select Model that offers unbeatable performance and value

€1,890.00 *
  • Fork Straightfork Urban - elegant fork with straight fork blades
  • Drivetrain Shimano Alfine Inter-8 with Gates belt drive
  • Rack Integrated in Tout Terrain Wingee by Tubus
  • Light Kit Shutter PL-8 / Supernova E3 Pure & E3 Tail Light
  • Mudguard Tout Terrain Wingee by Tubus
€2,090.00 *
  • Fork Straightfork Urban - elegant fork with straight fork blades
  • Drivetrain Shimano Alfine Inter-11 with Gates belt drive
  • Rack Integrated in Tout Terrain Wingee by Tubus
  • Light Kit Shutter PL-8 / Supernova E3 Pure & E3 Tail Light
  • Mudguard Tout Terrain Wingee by Tubus



Buy your bike at your trusted local dealer who offers test rides, individual advice, and help you configure your frame and components. Your dealer also provides you with excellent post-sales service and support to keep you riding.



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