Vasco GT 275

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  • Derailleur drivetrain option for precise and light shift action
  • 27,5" wheelset balances comfort, grip and acceleration
  • Stratocrom Tubeset balances strength, weight and ride characteristics
  • Drop-bar options provide aerodynamics and multiple hand positions
  • Classic diamond style frame
  • Frame braze-ons for optional Tubus rear rack, or go with bikepacking bags

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27.5” performance gravel bike

Whether it's an asphalt adventure or a bikepacking trip, the Vasco GT 275 is a performance gravel bike that can do it all. More than that, though, it is a gravel bike that has it all: quick off the start, yet comfortable, our all-rounder is ready for any adventure. Founded on the pure design of our steel frame, which we have combined with a multi-terrain setup, the large-volume tires keep you safely on track in rough terrain while the performance derailleur-drivetrain ensures easy gear changes even on bumpy backroads. The numerous mounting options for bags and accessories enable bikepacking tours of all kinds, making the Vasco an absolute all-rounder—perfect for performance gravel on any terrain.
Frame Sizes S, M, L, XL
Activity Light Touring, Fitness/Recreation, Bikepacking
Terrain Allroad, Offroad
Capacity 130 kg (frame)
Tire Clearance 650B x 54mm, 700C x 47mm


High-quality materials. Innovative design. Passionate craftsmanship. Through carefully selected components we create a product like no other.

Frame Tubeset

Frame Tubeset

Stratocrom Tubeset

We have carefully designed our Stratocrom tube sets together with our production partners. We use high-quality CrMo 4130 (chrome molybdenum) steel with specific wall thickness and butting depending its placement in the frame. Load-optimized tubes are individually selected for each model so we can achieve a balance between weight and durability.



Expedition Fork Option

The Expedition Fork is our premium, feature-rich chromoly steel fork. With the same precise-yet-comfortable ride as our Allroad Fork, the Expedition Fork adds tire clearance and a bunch of cargo and electrical features. In addition to standard lighting and fender mounts, 3-point eyelets on the fork legs let you attach two-bolt bottle cages, three-bolt cargo-style cages or lowrider racks for maximum flexibility. Electrically, the Expedition Fork is drilled for internal dynamo hub wiring and is compatible with the SON SL (Self-Connecting) dynamo system. It allows the front wheel to be removed from the fork without the need to manually unplug the dynamo and is wired internally from dropout to light. The lack of exposed connectors or wires prevents damage to the system, making it a more reliable and robust lighting and (in combination with the Cinq Plug5) charging solution. These features that make the Expedition fork ideal for touring, bikepacking, and everyday use.

Cinq Touring Fork II Option

The Cinq Touring Fork II carbon fork guarantees reliable luggage transport and convinces with unique features and low weight. Six mounting points with the specially developed threadless eyelet system reduce the load on the carbon sidewalls when picking up luggage. That allows a load capacity and reliability that is second to none. The included stainless steel bushings are completely interchangeable. Damage to a thread thus no longer means that the fork must be repaired at great expense. The fork has an installation height of 405 mm and replaceable aluminum dropouts for 12x100 mm thru axles (15x100 mm optionally available). The concept of replaceable wearing parts continues here consistently. It offers space for up to 50 mm (700c) or 54 mm (650B) wide tires, a Flat Mount brake mount for 160 mm to 180 mm brake discs and the option of internal brake line routing. Compatibility with dynamo hubs and the possibility of internal cable routing guarantee an elegant and robust connection to the power supply. Mounting options for lighting and mudguard provide maximum flexibility to equip the fork perfectly for your adventure.

Shifting System

Shifting System


The classic derailleur system provides fast, precise shifting and is the lightest of all our shifting options. Modern derailleur systems offer virtually perfect shifting and sufficient gear range for a variety cycling disciplines, from the minimalistic urban bike with 1x11 gearing to the expedition touring bicycle with a 3x10 gear setup. With our GT models, we use Shimano 2x11 shifters and derailleurs with an ultra-compact crankset gear ratio to ensure you don't run out of breath in the mountains. The derailleur system remains the system of choice for lightweight and sporty riding.

Steering stop

Steering stop

Tout Terrain Ergo-Stop II

The Ergo-Stop II builds on the features of the original Ergo-Stop. Like the original, it consists of two elements – a stop integrated into the frame and a stopper mounted on the fork steerer tube. By limiting how far the bar can rotate, it keeps your cables and electrical wiring intact and protects your frame and handlebar. Steering stops at approximately 78° in each direction, making it compatible with both flat- and drop-bar configurations.

Wheel Size

Wheel Size

27.5" (650B)

The 27.5" (or 650B) wheel size is a great addition to the world of wheel sizes. It allows for extreme versatility and offers an ideal balance between on-road and off-road use. Situated between the classic 26" and 28" (700C) wheel sizes, 27.5" tires are a compromise – in a positive sense. On the plus side, they offer better rolling characteristics and more elegant looks compared to a 26" setup, and more comfort than narrower 28" (700C) tires. These tires also have a significantly lower rotating mass than modern, large-volume 29" tires and thus offer a more lively, more agile riding experience. For us, the 27.5" tires are used in sporty all-road models and in the off-road sector.

00865C0A-C525-4965-90F3-543715DA62ED Created with sketchtool.


T-Coat powder coating

Every frame is painted in-house with our robust and high-quality T-Coat powder coating process. This ensures a beautiful and durable finish even under the toughest conditions. The T-Coat consists consist of one, two or three layers depending on the component - this allows us to optimise the surface, weight and corrosion characeristics for each use case.

Drivetrain Type

Drivetrain Type

Chain Compatible

Specially-designed frames for derailleur systems reduce weight and offer uncompromised performance. This means that frame butting (internal tube reinforcement), cable routing and bosses are designed solely for the use of derailleur systems. If the derailleur system is your drivetrain of choice and you don't need the flexibility to change to a different drivetrain in future, there is nothing better.



Performance Gravel Geometry

Our Performance Gravel geometry keeps things sporty, with the spirited ride that only a steel gravel bike can provide. The frame is lively on asphalt surfaces while letting you get a little bit rowdy when the pavement ends. Shorter chainstays offer snappy acceleration, but still plenty of tire clearance while the generous bottom bracket drop keeps the center of mass low and stable. A moderate reach provides a comfortable rider position for long days in the saddle without compromising toe-overlap and low-speed handling. The open front triangle lets you mount your favourite bikepacking bags with enough space for a few bottles.


More detailed information can be downloaded here.

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Aside from the right set of components, the correct frame size is crucial in order to feel comfortable on your Tout Terrain bike. The best way to be sure is to go on an extented test ride at one of our dealers. Let your dealer help you to adjust your bike to fit your needs.

A SITZROHRLÄNGE (mm) 490 530 570 610
A1 SITZROHRLÄNGE (mm) 431 471 512 552
B OBERROHRLÄNGE (mm) 535 555 575 595
C STEUERROHRLÄNGE (mm) 125 150 175 200
D KETTENSTREBENLÄNGE (mm) 435 435 440 440
E RADSTAND (mm) 1010 1030 1045 1060
G STEUERROHRWINKEL (*) 71 71 71.5 71.5
H SITZROHRWINKEL (*) 73 73 72.5 72
I STACK (mm) 562 585 611 635
J REACH (mm) 363 376 382 389
K ÜBERSTANDSHÖHE (mm) 766 797 829 859
L GABELEINBAUHÖHE (mm) 400 400 400 400
M GABELOFFSET (mm) 45 45 45 45

Woher hat das Vasco seinen Namen?

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Das Baskenland (span. Pais Vasco) bietet ein Paradies für Radfahrer und Gravel-Enthusiasten. Mit seinen abwechslungsreichen Landschaften, von malerischen Küstenstraßen bis hin zu anspruchsvollen Bergstrecken, ist es ein ideales Ziel für Abenteuer auf zwei Rädern. Die Kombination aus herausfordernden Anstiegen und atemberaubenden Ausblicken macht das Radfahren hier zu einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis.



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  • Fork Tout Terrain Expedition Fork | steel fork
  • Drivetrain Shimano GRX 2x11
  • Mudguard mounting points available



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