Black Label Components

The Black Label brand represents a curated collection of components that have been chosen for their features and design, then refined to meet our highest expectations. Before earning our mark, every Black Label product is thoroughly tested in-house: ridden, dismanteled, distilled, and inspected. Our feedback goes back to the maker where they tweak their recipe to suit our specific tastes. Black Label components bring to the table the qualities and characteristics that we value in our framesets: functionality, durability, and timelessness.

Quality Bicycle Components

Components can be sophisticated without being complex. Decades of knowledge and experience go into testing and customizing Black Label products
It's the subtleties, the tiny differences that add up to make one component better than its competition. Will you notice the differences? Maybe not, because these parts just work. And that's ok by us.
Tried and tested over and over. Robustness is not just the pure strength of the product, but the proven track record of our manufacuters and partners.
Trends, fashions, and the fickle tastes of the bike industry just don't matter when you are cooking by the campfire at the end of a long day on the bike.


You will find some Black Label components on our bikes, and others are also available online. No matter where you see them you can be conifdent in the knowledge that we stand behind the Black Label with the same passion and dedication that we give the Tout Terrain brand.

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Quality products go hand in hand with excellent service. At Tout Terrain, we are passionate about the uncompromising development of bicycles and trailers. Our dedication is also reflected in the quality of the dealers we partner with. In addition to our support team, inclusive and competent local dealers are available to answer all your questions.