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Plug5 Pure

The Plug5 Pure allows you to easily power up your bike and charge your cell phone or GPS device on the tour.
Cool Features
Like its sibling the Plug5 Plus, the Plug5 Pure is equipped with our Rotary Door, the twist lock that covers the USB port. Even turning the door is a pleasure, making it easy to remember to protected the USB-C port when it is not in use.
Suitable for everyday use
We have built a whole range of useful features into the Plug5 Pure, making life easier everyday and while on tour. The Plug5 Pure automatically detects when you turn on your light, dynamically negotiates the optimal charging current with your device, or optimizes itself to get the last bit of current out of your dynamo.
  • Full aluminum housing
  • Completely sealed electronics protected from rain and humidity
  • Compatibility: Forks with 1-1/8" upper steerer (tapered or straight)
  • Connectivity: USB-C standard
  • Operating Temperature:  -15°C to 60°C
  • Input: Dynamo hub dependent
  • Max output:  700mA
  • Weight: approx. 50g incl. all components

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High-quality materials. Innovative design. Passionate craftsmanship. Through carefully selected components we create a product like no other.


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Aside from the right set of components, the correct frame size is crucial in order to feel comfortable on your Tout Terrain bike. The best way to be sure is to go on an extented test ride at one of our dealers. Let your dealer help you to adjust your bike to fit your needs.


Your questions - Our answers

I have general questions about the product (8)
1. What is the Plug5 Pure?

The Plug5 Pure is a USB power supply which is powered by a bicycle’s dynamo hub.

2. What is the Plug5 Pure’s intended use?

The Plug5 Pure can be used on cycling tours of all kinds. There are no restrictions regarding the range of use, i.e. it can be used on trekking, touring, city and gravel bikes as well as on mountain bikes.

3. Can the Plug5 Pure be used on e-bikes?

Not wired-in directly. The Plug5 Pure is powered by alternating current, as provided by a dynamo hub. It is not possible to connect it to the DC power supply of an e-bike battery. If your e-bike is equipped with a dynamo hub this can of course be connected.

4. Why doesn't the Plug5 Pure have an integrated buffer battery?

The Plug5 Pure without internal battery allows flexible mounting options on all kind of bikes. The Plug5 Pure  is our device with integrated buffer battery.

5. Is there an external buffer battery?

Yes. The Cinq Smart Power Pack buffer battery is optimally tuned for operation with Plug5 Pure. 

6. Is the Plug5 Pure protected against theft?

Yes, since the Plug5 Pure is bolted to the bike, it cannot simply be removed. For further theft protection we recommend the use of Hexlox.

7. Can I operate the Plug5 Pure together with a lighting system?

Yes, if the Plug5 Pure is connected parallel to the light. It is important to note that both the light output and the power of the plug are reduced if both consumers are switched on at the same time. Therefore we recommend "either/or" operation.

8. Can I combine every light with the Plug5 Pure?

Due to enormous market diversity, it’s impossible to verify every light combination separately. However, we know in a few cases customers experienced issues with Busch + Müller IQ-X light. Therefore we don’t recommend this combination.

I have questions about using the device (15)
1. Do I need a special cable to charge my device?

No. Any standard USB cable with a suitable plug for your device can be used.

2. Is the state of charge of my device battery relevant?

Yes, a fully charged smartphone requires less power and therefore charges at lower riding speeds than a device that charges and operates simultaneously.

3. Can I simply charge a device without operating it at the same time?

Yes, when charging devices, we recommend switching them off for faster charging. Here, too, the charging performance depends on your device and its battery.

4. Will frequent stops at traffic lights or in city traffic damage my smartphone battery?

Not if your device uses a modern lithium ion or polymer battery. Although these only have a certain number of charging cycles, it is irrelevant whether the battery is charged in one go or in many small steps. If, however, you are frustrated by notifications when a device starts and stops charging, we recommend the use of the Plug5 Plus or our buffer battery "Smart Power Pack II", which enables continuous charging.

5. The LED of the plug does not light up, even if something is plugged in.

Check that the wiring is correct - see the user manual. Also check that the dynamo contacts are connected correctly.

6. My device changes quickly between charging and not charging. Why is that?

First, check if your light's on. If this this case the light has higher priority. Alternatively, in this case your device may require too much power which cannot be generated by the dynamo hub. We recommend using the Plug5 Plus or the Smart Power Pack.

7. Which devices can I use the Plug5 Pure with?

The Plug5 Pure can theoretically be used in combination with any device that is capable of external USB operation or which can be charged via USB and operated simultaneously.

8. Can I charge/operate an iPhone or other smartphone on Plug5 Pure?

Yes, you can use it with an iPhone without a special charging cable. The exact functionality and charging capability of your smartphone depends on the power requirements of your device.

9. Can I use the Plug5 Pure incorrectly and damage my device as a result?

No, as long as your device meets the USB specification.

10. Is the Plug5 Pure waterproof or protected against splashing water?

The electronic unit of the Plug5 Pure is waterproof, the USB plug is protected against splashing water by the rotary door. The connector itself is not pretected when a device is plugged in. Avoid high pressure and streaming water at all costs.

11. Is it a problem if the USB port of my Plug III starts to rust?

Not necessarily. Depending on the where you ride and the weather, the metal contacts may corrode slightly. However, the formation of a "rust film" does not impair the function. For cleaning you can use a cotton swab with some alcohol.

12. My device does not charge at all, and the Plug LED status indicator always flashes.

First, check if your light's on. If this is the case, the light has higher priority. Alternatively, in this case your device may require too much power which cannot be generated by the dynamo hub. We recommend using the Plug5 Plus or the Smart Power Pack.

13. Is there a minimum speed at which the Plug5 Pure operates?

This is very low with the Plug5 Pure, approx. in the range of 10km/h. But the charging current depends on your riding speed.

14. Can the Plug5 Pure be upgraded to Plug5 Plus?

No, this is not possible.

15. Can I charge a Powerbank with the Plug5 Pure?

We recommend the Smart Power Pack and we have not tested other Powerbanks.

I have questions about technology (7)
1. Can I disable Plug5 Pure?

No. The Plug5 Pure needs virtually no power if no device is plugged in.

2. What does it mean when the LED is on?

The LED indicates that the dynamo has enough power to supply the USB port when no device is plugged in. When the device is plugged in, a pulsing LED means that the device is supplied with sufficient power.

3. What does it mean if the LED flashes when the device is connected?

The Plug III checks at certain intervals whether the dynamo is providing enough power to operate the connected device. If the LED goes off, you are moving too slowly, and the Plug III checks the status again after a few seconds.

4. At what speeds does the Plug5 Pure function?

This depends on various factors, including the hub dynamo used or the wheel size. The smaller the wheel, the lower the required speed. The Plug5 Pure provides from approx.12km/h enough power to operate or charge a Smartphone or a GPS device.

5. How much power does the plug provide?

The power provided depends on the speed. The Plug5 Pure provides a maximum of 700 mA from about 12 km/h.

6. Which dynamo hubs are suitable for use with the Plug5 Pure?

The dynamo should provide a power of 3W at a voltage of 6V. Older rim or tire models and 1.5W dynamos usually do not deliver enough power.

7. Why is the connector USB-C?

We use a USB-C connector, because it allows a more compact design and the connector can be connected in any orientation.

I have questions about assembly (7)
1. Do I need special tools for assembly?

No. When retrofitting your existing bike, note the removal/modification of the Star-nut. On our Youtube channel you will find a video on how to remove it.

2. Can I adjust the headset preload?

Yes, simply adjust the headset preload as you would on a normal topcap / Ahead system.

3. In which bikes can I install the Plug5 Pure?

In any bike with a stem that meets the 1 1/8" standard, except for bottom closed carbon forks. The Plug5 Pure cannot be used on bikes with Speedlifter, as it is not possible to run cables through the head tube.

4. How do I connect the Plug5 Pure to the dynamo hub?

The Plug5 Pure must be connected in parallel to the lighting system.

5. Can I install the Plug5 Pure by myself?

Yes, but in case of any doubt you should have the installation carried out by a dealer or specialist.  With some manual skill and the appropriate tools listed in user manual, installation should not be a problem.

6. What do I have to pay attention to during assembly?

The USB socket of the Plug5 Pure should be facing forward during installation. In this orientation it is optimally protected against impact damage when the bicycle falls down. The Plug5 Pure should be kept in this orientation even if you turn the handlebars for transport. If the Plug5 Pure rotates during this process, it is possible to damage the wiring.

7. Is there a special Star-nut?

Yes, included with the Plug5 Pure is an Aheadset expander. This simplifies assembly as well as installation and removal. When retrofitting your existing bike, note the removal/modification of the star-nut.



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