Amplify your next exploration with Pamir. Part of our E-Expedition series of electric-assisted touring bikes, Pamir brings together the latest, greatest in motorized drivetrain systems with the attention to detail and smart design that makes every Tout Terrain ready for the long road ahead. Powered by the new Pinion E-Drive System, an innovative advancement that combines motor and transmission into one compact component, Pamir features our newly designed, European-made aluminum frame with integrated battery compartment and optional range extender. Complete with modular racks, all-road tires, and many customizable options, discover more with Pamir.

Empowering riders to travel further

Wide tires, modular racks, confident geometry, and a powerful Pinion motor all add up to help you adventure further.
With more parts made closer to home, we shrink the supply chain, lowering Pamir’s impact.
With motor and gearbox in one unit, Pamir represents a first from Tout Terrain, and much of the wider world of cycling.
Belt drive and a sealed gearbox make weekly tune-ups a thing of the past with Pamir.


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Support your next bike adventure - with the Pamir. The Pamir is part of our E-Expedition series - a range of electrically assisted touring bikes. It combines the latest and best drive components with the attention to detail and...
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