• Aluminium frame with sliding dropouts and replaceable threaded nuts, made in Europe.
  • Suspension fork from Suntour for optimum riding comfort.
  • Allroad kit with Supernova lighting, GPS module, mudguards, side stand and e-trekking rack with SnapIt 2.0
  • Powerful and low-maintanance Pinion motor-gear unit E1.9 with 9 gears, 568% range and max. assistance up to 25 km/h
  • Available from Q1 / 2024

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Whether it’s an effortless trip across town or carefree tour outside the city, find the right energy to roll with life’s ebbs and flows on Appia. Part of our E-Trekking collection, Appia centers around our comfortable, resilient aluminum frame, a European-built design specifically created to house Pinion’s new Motor.Gearbox.Unit drivetrain, paired with a Gates Carbon Belt Drive for the ultimate in worry-free riding. Relaxed, yet nimble geometry puts the rider in control while the soft suspension fork dampens bumpy, rough roads. With the option to travel further with an easily installed range extender, let Appia lead the way to daily discovery.

Appia - where does the name come from?
The Appia Antica, also known as the Via Appia, is a historical road in Italy. It stretches from Rome to Brindisi and was one of the most important trade routes of the Roman Empire. Today, the route is known for its well-preserved ancient ruins, charming landscapes and historical sights amidst a picturesque backdrop.
Frame Sizes S, M, L
Activity Fitness/Recreation
Terrain Allroad
Capacity 135 kg (max. system weight) / 35 kg (rack)
Weight from 25,8 kg
Tire Clearance 29" x 2.35" (60mm) with mudguard


High-quality materials. Innovative design. Passionate craftsmanship. Through carefully selected components we create a product like no other.

Frame Tubeset

Frame Tubeset

AL6061 Made in EU

The frames for our e-bikes with the Pinion E-Drive system have a frame-integrated battery, sliding dropouts with replaceable threaded nuts and a specially designed mount for the motor-gear unit. They come from European production and are made of the proven AL6061 aluminum. This is an alloy that is very often used, for example, in electronic products and household appliances, up to aerospace components. It is characterized by very good corrosion resistance and optimum mechanical and optimum mechanical properties. It is also very easy to machine and weld. Before the individual frame parts are welded, the hydroforming process is also used in the manufacturing process. In this process, aluminum tubes are placed in hollow molds and a hot oil-water mixture is injected at high pressure. This shapes the tubes into forms that give our e-bikes a modern aesthetic and the individual touch.

Shifting System

Shifting System

Pinion Smart.Shift

Pinion Smart.Shift combines reliable and virtually maintenance-free gear shifting technology with the advantages of electric shifting. Shifting is at the touch of a button - fast, ergonomic and intuitive. The system shifts while driving, at a standstill and under load! The other functions are also smart: The starting gear can be selected individually and thanks to the integrated shift indicator in the e-bike display, the selected gear is visible while riding.



MGU E-Bike (Motor.Gearbox.Unit)

THE UNIT THAT CONNECTS EVERYTHING. It combines a powerful, proprietary electric motor with proven Pinion gear technology and electric shifting to create a completely new drive system. But powering e-bikes is only a small part of what the Pinion E-Drive system can do. The Pinion MGU is an intelligent all-in-one solution for a new generation of e-bikes. It combines a wear-free, brushless high-performance e-bike motor and the innovative Pinion gearbox with up to 12 gears in one compact package. Controlled by electronic shifting and powered by Pinion's own motor hardware and software, the Pinion MGU is the heart and soul of a completely new drive system for e-bikes.

Steering stop

Steering stop

Tout Terrain Ergo-Stop II

The Ergo-Stop II builds on the features of the original Ergo-Stop. Like the original, it consists of two elements – a stop integrated into the frame and a stopper mounted on the fork steerer tube. By limiting how far the bar can rotate, it keeps your cables and electrical wiring intact and protects your frame and handlebar. Steering stops at approximately 78° in each direction, making it compatible with both flat- and drop-bar configurations.

Wheel Size

Wheel Size


The "big" 29" wheel size is, in principle, a 28" (700c) wheel with tires wider than ~50mm. Ride characteristics are significantly different than that of a classic 28" (700c) wheel, and this has expanded the capibilities of bikes in various segments. Large-volume, large diameter tires offer the best comfort as well as outstanding rolling properties. These become apparent both off-road - assuming a sufficiently low tire pressure - as well on-road on touring and trekking bikes. The ability to efficiently roll over obstacles and road imperfections helps when you want to cover long distances.



Tout Terrain E-Trekking Rack

Our Trekking e-bikes are equipped with the semi-integrated Tout Terrain E-Trekking Rack with the Racktime SnapIt 2.0 mount. An intuitive and safe system for luggage transport with a maximum load up to 25 kg. The rack has two mounting points for the rear fender ensuring stability and protection during the ride.

Drivetrain Type

Drivetrain Type

Belt Compatible

Free yourself from oily, rusty chains and join the Gates Carbon Drive revolution: Clean, quiet, rugged. Almost no other component has advanced the bicycle as a mode of low-maintenance transport as much as the Gates Carbon Drive belt. Particularly when used year-round, you'll be pleased with its low maintenance as periodic cleaning is all that's required. Belts even last two to three times longer than a chain. Tout Terrain was one of the first manufacuters to offer bicycles with belt drives, and with more than 10 years of experience we have optimized our frames for this purpose. Unlike a chain which can ""unlink"" to fit onto a bike, a belt is seamless, so the frame must "open" to allow it to fit onto the drivetrain. Our belt-specific dropout design is an integral part of the frame and very discrete. The connection is made of stainless steel and will provide a lifetime of reliability.


Aside from the right set of components, the correct frame size is crucial in order to feel comfortable on your Tout Terrain bike. The best way to be sure is to go on an extented test ride at one of our dealers. Let your dealer help you to adjust your bike to fit your needs.

A SITZROHRLÄNGE (mm) 435 490 545
A1 SITZROHRLÄNGE (mm) 375 375 375
B OBERROHRLÄNGE (mm) 590 600 620
C STEUERROHRLÄNGE (mm) 130 140 150
E RADSTAND (mm) 1150 1166 1182
I STACK (mm) 648 658 667
J REACH (mm) 431 438 456
K ÜBERSTANDSHÖHE (mm) 779 780 781
L GABELEINBAUHÖHE (mm) 495 495 495
M GABELOFFSET (mm) 45 45 45


Namensektion Icon
540 km von Rom nach Brindisi
Die Via Appia, ist eine historische Straße in Italien. Sie erstreckt sich von Rom bis nach Brindisi und war eine der wichtigsten Handelsrouten des Römischen Reiches. Heute ist die Route für ihre gut erhaltenen antiken Ruinen, charmanten Landschaften und historischen Sehenswürdigkeiten inmitten einer malerischen Kulisse bekannt.

YOUR Appia & YOU


Our friendly, knowledgeable dealers are there to take care of you before, during, and after your purchase. Get helpful advice from one of our specialists in your area.

YOUR Appia & YOU


At the Tout Terrain manufactory, the team works passionately to bring you your Appia. They bring their experience. They implement their ideas. With these true masters of their trade, a special class product is created that supports you every day and helps you to reach your goals.

Our dealers are experienced and trained to provide you with best support before, during and after your purchase. Get expert advice from one of our dealers near you.



Choose a pre-configured Select Model that offers unbeatable performance and value

€6,999.00 *
  • Fork SR Suntour XCR34 Coil Boost 29" 100mm
  • Drivetrain Pinion E1.9 Motor Gear Unit | Gates Carbon Drive Belt Drive
  • Mudguard SKS Bluemels 69mm | matte black
  • Rack Tout Terrain E-Trekking Rack with Racktime SnapIt 2.0
  • Lights Supernova Mini 3 Pro & Supernova TL3-Z



Buy your bike at your trusted local dealer who offers test rides, individual advice, and help you configure your frame and components. Your dealer also provides you with excellent post-sales service and support to keep you riding.



We are constantly expanding our dealer family. Tout Terrain completes your range of technically superior bicycles and appeals to a new segment of customers.

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[FAQ] e-bikes with Pinion E-Drive System

Frequently asked questions about our e-bike models Pamir and Appia.

Technology: motor, gearbox and battery (8)
1. What are the main differences between the Pinion MGU and conventional mid-mounted motors?

Unlike conventional e-bike motors, the gear shifting is already integrated in the Pinion MGU technology. It is proven and permanently reliable Pinion gearbox technology that is electrically controlled with Smart.Shift. Motor.Gearbox.Units are the drive for next-generation e-bikes: fully integrated, clean and virtually wear-free. The motor forces do not have an additional effect on separate gears, which would suffer as a result. In addition, the gears and motor support are perfectly matched and made for each other. With a Pinion MGU, you can ride carefree with minimal maintenance requirements every 10,000 km.

2. How many assistance levels does my e-bike have?

There are a total of 4 support levels: FLY, FLEX, FLOW and ECO. "ECO" is designed for maximum range, while "FLY" fully utilizes the enormous power of the system at all times. The "FLOW" and "FLEX" levels, on the other hand, are adaptive riding modes that are designed to be progressive and adapt the level of assistance perfectly to every riding situation and the respective terrain. A sensitive start-up aid and an extra boost at the touch of a button complete the package. All modes can be individually adjusted to your preferences in the FIT EBike Control app. You can find more information at

3. How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

If possible, the battery should be charged to at least 90% after every ride. The charging time depends on how much charging is required. As a rule, a full charge should not take longer than a maximum of 3 hours. Make sure that you only use the charger supplied by the manufacturer and do not discharge the battery completely. Ideally, it should always have a residual charge of 10%. 

4. What is the best way to store my battery when it is off the bike?

If the e-bike is not used for a longer period of time, the battery should be removed and stored in a dry place. The ideal storage temperature is around 20 °C. Ideally, the battery should be charged to between 30 % and 90 %. If this is not the case and the battery has less than 30 %, it should be charged before use.

5. Can I also ride the e-bike when the battery is empty?

Yes, but it is no longer possible to shift gears when the battery is completely empty. The system stops the motor assistance as soon as the battery charge level has reached 5%. This is then only available for the display, lighting and gear changes. In this case, the battery should be recharged as quickly as possible.

6. What’s the difference between the E1.9 and E1.12 MGUs?

The Motor.Gearbox.Unit E1.12 provides 12 gears and is characterized by uniformly fine-tuned gear jumps and a whopping gear range of 600%. They are the flagship models of the Pinion E-Line and will always provide you with the perfect gear no matter if you’re on the road, in the backcountry or anywhere in between. Rider and E-System thus always work in the optimal speed and cadence range and always be in the sweet spot of efficiency and ergonomics. The 9-speed versions of the MGU provide an amazing entry into the world of Pinion MGU-Technology. The jumps between gears may larger but the gear range of over 560% blows common derailleur setups out of the water, nevertheless.

7. How far can I drive on one battery charge?

This depends on many factors and cannot be answered in general terms. The selected level of assistance, system weight, temperature and riding style all influence the range. The remaining range is shown on the display depending on the support mode.

8. Can I increase my range with a range extender?

Yes, a range extender set for your Appia or Pamir is available from your Tout Terrain e-bike dealer. This provides you with 535 Wh of additional battery capacity, which means that ranges of over 250 km can be achieved.

Use: gearshift, cockpit and components (6)
1. Where can I find the support level on the display?

The assistance level is displayed at the bottom right. The levels are in descending order of efficiency FLY, FLEX, FLOW, ECO, OFF. You can find the right instructions for your display at

2. My e-bike shifts gears by itself when stationary, is that normal?

If this is the case, the Smart.Shift function "Start.Select" or "Pre.Select" is activated. Here you can specify which gear the system automatically shifts to when the bike comes to a standstill to ensure a smooth start. With "Start.Select", the desired starting gear can be specified in the settings; with "Pre.Select", this is determined via the specified cadence.

3. How do I activate the push assistance?

Pressing the boost button once activates the pushing aid. If the button is pressed continuously, the bike travels at around 3.5 km/h without having to pedal. The speed can be adjusted in 0.5 km/h increments up to a maximum speed of 6 km/h using the two shift buttons on the shift lever.

4. Can I also change gear while driving?

The system shifts at high cadences with the cranks in a vertical position. The faster the cranks circulate, the earlier the shifting process is completed. Shifting under load can be associated with a popping noise. This is nothing to worry about. The system is designed for shifting under full load and will not be damaged. In certain situations, a shifting process may be aborted due to excessive load (e.g. high pedal load when stationary) in order to protect the system from damage. An attempt is made to change gear for 2 seconds. During this time, you may hear noises from the shift motor. If the load is relieved sufficiently during this phase, the gear change will be successful.

5. Can I use a different display on my e-bike?

Yes, plug-and-play allows you to connect the FIT displays to each other or use your smartphone as a display in combination with the FIT app. Further information on

6. What are the advantages of the integrated, electric Smart.Shift gearshift?

The gearshift integrated in the Pinion MGU has the advantage that it is designed for the additional loads caused by the motor and is virtually wear-free. Regardless of external influences, the gearshift can neither become misaligned nor wear out significantly. Shifting is possible within fractions of a second. A motor-transmission unit always shifts gears - whether at a standstill or at full speed under high load. Ultimately, motor-gearbox units integrated centrally in e-bikes offer the advantage of balanced mass distribution in the bike and therefore deliver impressive riding characteristics.

Service, maintenance and care (5)
1. Can I open my gearbox and carry out repairs myself?

No, otherwise the warranty will become void. Please contact your dealer who will carry out repairs and service for you.

2. What should I do if my gearbox is faulty?

Contact your specialist dealer. They will carry out a fault analysis and decide whether they can rectify the fault themselves or whether the gearbox needs to be sent to us. Your specialist dealer will also take care of the rest of the service process for you.

3. How often does the MGU need to be serviced?

Pinion MGUs require just as little maintenance as classic Pinion transmissions - in fact, virtually none at all. Apart from an oil change every 10,000 km, nothing else is necessary. The gearshift is protected inside the motor-gearbox unit and does not need to be adjusted. In addition, there are no unnecessary and expensive spare parts costs.

4. There is a light film of oil on my gearbox, is that normal?

Yes, depending on the temperature range, the gearbox "sweats" and a light film of oil can be seen around the gearbox cover.

5. How should the Pinion E-Drive system be maintained?

Pinion MGUs require just as little maintenance as classic Pinion transmissions - in fact, virtually none at all. Apart from an oil change every 10,000 km, nothing else is necessary. The gearshift is protected inside the motor-gearbox unit and does not need to be adjusted. In addition, there are no unnecessary and expensive spare parts costs.



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