Trade city traffic for a better commute with our reliable, convenient Urban E-bike range. Individual and built by hand in Germany, Tout Terrain Urban E-bikes feature robust components, comfortable riding characteristics and the right energy to transform the everyday into something truly extraordinary. Find your frame, pick your components and start redefining your routine today.


Carry your children to school, groceries home—and then carry on riding with our convenient Urban E-bikes. With considerable cargo capacity and an extensive battery range, energize your everyday life.
Forget traffic, get there quicker with the pedal-assistance provided by our powerful Silent E-Drive System, comprised of a silent Neodrives motor, smooth Pinion gearbox and Gates Carbon Belt Drive.
Unplug, destress and enjoy the ride. Robust components combine with a low-maintenance drivetrain for a reliable daily rider that’s ready for a full schedule on a single charge.
Energize every commute with a long-lasting 625 Wh battery featuring Energy Recovery technology to recharge your ride on descents so you can continue to power through your day.

The Models

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Camden side
Like London’s Camden Town, the Camden E-commuter is at home in the big city with a uniquely singular style. Featuring our first-ever aluminum frame and fully integrated, removable battery, this E-bike is hand built with Pinion shifting...
€4,899.00 *
Camden Trapez side
Camden Trapeze
A modern take on a speedy, step-thru E-bike, the Camden Trapez features our first-ever aluminum frame with a fully integrated, removable battery and GPS unit. Navigate the busy streets with ease—our streamlined commuter fits into the...
€4,899.00 *


At Tout Terrain, we are committed to creating exceptional bicycles. Our most important tools are our heads and hands. Our passion is cycling. The initial spark for Tout Terrain came in 2001 during a bicycle expedition in Nepal.

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Passion for Pedaling
Character drives creativity, and every individual contributes to the team. At the Tout Terrain facility, people work passionately on your bike. They bring with them a world of experience and put their inspirations into practice. These true masters of their trade are responsible for building one bike: Your Tout Terrain. A bike that inspires you every day, and help you reach your goals. Take a look inside and experience how unique a bike can be.