Mule Classic

Mule Classic

Bicycle features

  • Lightweight and sturdy CrMo steel frame carries up to 38kg of cargo
  • Flexible attachment and cargo carrying options with the available liner and Ortileb Duffel
  • Adjustable travel and ground clearance for on- and off-road use
  • Highly adjustable Air shock can be tuned for cargo/passenger weight and terrain
  • Optional integrated CrMo stand increases stability for bike and trailer for loading and unloading
  • Single-track chassis with tilting technology - very little lateral forces act on your child or cargo while cornering

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Mule Classic

The suspended and single-wheeled bicycle luggage trailer is a unique product for off-road and on-road cycling and ideal for bicycle touring. Also for mountain bikers who are crossing the Alps or those who just want to take their bike on an unsupported trip with luggage, the Mule is the perfect means of transportation. Because of its width of only 45 cm and its single-wheeled design even serpentines can be coped with little efforts. On tour, the bike trailer is a loyal companion, transforming a mountain bike into a touring bike. Once the «base camp» has been reached, the trailer can be disconnected and on day trips you can enjoy a true mountain bike ride. The Mule is designed for off-road riding. Even on rough sections, it can be run without problems and you almost forget that you are traveling with a trailer. With its large load capacity, it is also great for family trips as parents can easily carry the luggage of their children. Using the same hitch system as the Singletrailer and Streamliner the trailers can easily be interchanged between bikes. Features: Adjustable spring travel of 160 mm (off-road) or 120 mm (street) Simple and easy handling because of lightweight: only 6.7kg Single-wheeled design enables dynamic riding qualities with a load Center of gravity optimization of luggage for different usage models. Lower balance point and reduced ground clearance for street usage, higher balance point and ground clearance for off-road usage Can be easily disassembled and stored flat Compatible with 29” bikes Permissible maximum weight 45 kg This item does not include any accessories such as attachment hardware (hitch), kick stand, mud guard or liner. Make sure to add each item separately before checking out!
When you ride Extended trips, Short adventures
Activity Bikepacking, Expedition Touring, Fitness/Recreation, Light Touring, Mountainbiking, Utility
Terrain Allroad, Offroad, Road


High-quality materials. Innovative design. Passionate craftsmanship. Through carefully selected components we create a bicycle like no other.

Wheel Size

Wheel Size

20" Wheels

20" wheel for handling, light-weight and strength

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Hitch / Coupler

Hitch / Coupler

Cross-Link Coupler

The counterpart of the seatpost coupling is a high-precision, CNC-machined cross link made of aluminum. Four sealed ball bearings ensure smooth, precise and play-free pivot dynamics, giving our trailers their uniquely quiet and sporty performance. The play-free connection to the coupling is achieved using a simple yet effective quick-release. An additional safety cotter pin AND a steel safety cable ensure that the trailer stays with you no matter what.

Dropperpost compatible

Mountain bikers often choose to ride dropper-posts for increased performance and handling. Since our trailers can be used on some very technical terrain, dropper-post compatibility allows you to ride demanding trails with your preferred lowered saddle position. Our hitch can be installed on dropper posts which have a coupling in the control cable/hose. Note that while our hitch and coupler system is dropper-post compatible, some geometry factors may restrict mounting options on your bike: Factors such as small frame sizes, long suspension travel, large wheels/tires and hitch position on the post may lead to restrictions on dropper post use on your specific configuration. Make sure to follow clamp and torque specifications set out by your dropper post manufacturer.

Seatpost Hitch

Our trailer coupling is made of extremely robust and durable CrMo steel. A nickel coating provides corrosion protection and gives it a slightly golden surface color. The textured surface increases the friction between at the interface with the cross-link and provides a stiff, play-free connection to the trailer. Locating the hitch on the seatpost (instead of the rear axle mount used by some other trailers) makes our system ideally suited to full-suspension bicycles, reducing unsprung mass and extra forces acting on the rear end of the bicycle.

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Adjustable Air shock

The high-quality air sprung, oil damped shock is finely adjustable air pressure and rebound damping. The suspension can be precisely adjusted to load weight, and comfort and handling characteristics can be tuned for the desired on- or the off-road ride characteristics. The shock is light, yet robust and low-maintenance.

Adjustable Tavel

Suspension travel can be set by choosing one of two different shock mounting positions which adjust overall travel by 40mm. Reducing the suspension travel moves the centre of gravity of the trailer further downwards to achieve an even more stable ride. This low travel position is particularly suitable for use on asphalt, light off-road terrain or gravel/unpaved cycle paths. The long-travel configuration is recommended for trail use and rough terrain as it increases ground clearance.

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Every frame is painted in-house with our robust and high-quality T-Coat powder coating process. This ensures a beautiful and durable finish even under the toughest conditions. The T-Coat consists consist of one, two three layers depending on the component - this allows us to optimise the surface, weight and corrosion characeristics for each use case.

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29" compatible

All of our trailers are compatible with most 29" mountain bikes. Restrictions only arise when combining very small 29" frames with very deep seatposts or dropperposts.

E-Bike compatible

All our trailers are compatible with E-Bikes and E-Mountainbikes. Note, however, that the range of your e-bike is reduced by the additional weight when using a trailer.

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Tilt technology

Several design elements contribute to our Tilt Technology. In addition to our hitch and the cross link, the feature is also unique to the single-wheeled design of the trailers. They follow behind bike as if on rails, and apart from their weight, handling characteristics for the rider up front are largely unchanged. The trailers lean with the rider in corners and do not slow you down as they would with two-wheeled trailers. Furthermore, there is no risk of the trailer flipping over while cornering as g-forces stay on-axis with the trailer, improving riding safety. For your child or your cargo, this has the same effect - the low centrifugal forces noticeably improve the riding comfort and handling.

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CrMo Stand

The integrated CrMo stand is an incredibly practical feature as it allows the trailer to be free-standing and stable, but also does the same for your bike while it is attached. This allows a safe loading and unloading of the trailer, at home or on the trail. The stand uses a simple, one-handed release mechanism for easy access. The stand is built using CrMo steel, which provides an even higher load capacity of 45kg.

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Bash Guard

Bash Guard

Optional Bash Guard

To protect the underbody, frame, and cover of the trailer against impacts, the stand also functions as a bash guard. Carefully designed to be slightly wider than the actual frame, it ensures that the trailer is deflected when it impacts an object. This is the best way to prevent damage to the frame or cover and keep the rider and passenger safe. Alloy construction prevents corrosion, and replacement bash guards are both readily available and economical.

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Flexible Cargooptions

Versatility is king when it comes to the carrying capacity of the Mule. Bottle holder eyelets are attached to all four corners of the frame, giving you the freedom to attach bottle cages or mount-compatible accessories (cargo cages, pumps, CO2, tools, etc). The tube dimensions are designed so that you can attach panniers to the outside of the Mule and multiply your cargo capacity and flexibility. Use the "open" frame for your big items, or quickly install our interior liner with which allows you to carry smaller items. The available rain cover protects your cargo from moisture and dirt and can used instead of, or in addition to, our 85L waterproof Ortlieb Duffle bag which fits perfectly within the frame.

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Mule Cargo Steel Frame

The lightweight and extremely robust frame of the Mule is made of high-quality CrMo tubing. The material allows us to keep it narrow, lightweight and yet maintain a good cargo volume capacity and carrying capacity of 38kg. In the worst case scenerio, the frame can be repaired while travelling due to the good weldability of steel.


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Mule Classic

Mule Classic

Mule Classic

The Mule a suspended single-wheel cargo trailer with adjustable travel and a high-performance air shock. It is built to carry up to 38kg (and 80-100 litres) of cargo on streets and singletrack, on errands and expeditions. Built with a lightweight, sturdy steel frame and sealed-bearing drawbar crosslink, handling is nimble yet stable even while fully loaded. Accessories let you customize your Mule for your journey across town or around the world.

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