The bikes in our TREKKING series are characterised by their versatility. Whether in everyday life or on holiday, the carefully selected components make riding fun and hassle-free. They are made for your way to work or for shopping, and ready to ride when you decide to take on a tour.


A Tout Terrain bike is a true companion in everyday life. With our Trekking e-bikes we maximize your comfort and flexibility. You will reach your goals faster, fresher and have even more fun.
A wide range of shifting options from derailleur drivetrains to high-tech transmissions and the low-maintenance Gates Carbon Drive belt drive ensure that you are always ready to keep rolling.
Our integrated Trekking Rack gives you cargo flexiblility. When shopping in the morning you simply grab your Racktime® basket, and in the afternoon you hang your panniers and ride to the lake. With the 40kg payload, you'll be well prepared for your next weekend adventure.
The selection of wheel sizes and the abundance of ergonomic options let you to design your cockpit for maximum of comfort.


Every Amber Road is unique - with your choice of 28" or 29" wheels and lots of tire and component options, you are free to configure your bike for anything from relaxing evening cruises to spirited multi-day adventures. The choice is yours!

Amber Road E-Xpress Side Amber Road E-Xpress
From €5,390.00*
Amber Road Xpress Side Amber Road Xpress
From €3,290.00*
Amber Road Side Amber Road
From €2,190.00*
Amber Road Trapez Side Amber Road Trapez
From €2,190.00*


A true all-rounder, the Metropolitan is a bike that proves itself day-in and day-out on most any surface. It is smooth-running and comfortable for spirited adventures in and outside of the city, and is built touring tough with your choice of quality components.

Metropolitan Side Metropolitan
From €2,190.00*
Metropolitan Trapez Side Metropolitan Trapez
From €2,190.00*
Metropolitan Xpress Metropolitan Xpress
From €3,290.00*
Metropolitan E-Xpress Side Metropolitan E-Xpress
From €5,390.00*


At Tout Terrain, we are committed to creating exceptional bicycles. Our most important tools are our heads and hands. Our passion is cycling. The initial spark for Tout Terrain came in 2001 during a bicycle expedition in Nepal.

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Passion for Pedaling
Character drives creativity, and every individual contributes to the team. At the Tout Terrain facility, people work passionately on your bike. They bring with them a world of experience and put their inspirations into practice. These true masters of their trade are responsible for building one bike: Your Tout Terrain. A bike that inspires you every day, and help you reach your goals. Take a look inside and experience how unique a bike can be.